Watch Ty Dolla $ign Talk About Being a Huge J Dilla Fan

Watch Ty Dolla $ign Talk About Being a Huge J Dilla Fan

How Ty Dolla $ign Fell in Love with J Dilla's Music

Source: YouTube

Imagine a Ty Dolla $ign and J Dilla collaboration?

Ty Dolla $ign is a huge J Dilla fan. If you’re not a huge Ty Dolla $ign fan, this probably makes no sense to you. but if you love Ty Dolla $ign, this makes all the sense in the world.

The Beach House 3 singer recently sat down with Pigeons and Planes for the latest video in their Music Life series. There, Ty talked all things Jay Dee.

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The conversation started with Ty talking about how he discovered Dilla. It was through the early Slum Village songs. Ty Dolla talks about being so enamored with Fantastic, Vol. 2 that he listened to the whole album in a CD store.

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Ty Dolla $ign went on to hunt down all of Dilla’s classics and deep cuts, from A Tribe Called Quest to Pharcyde to Janet Jackson.

Take three minutes out of your life and watch Ty Dolla $ign’s interview about Jay Dee below.

Source: Pigeons & Planes

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