Couch-Locked Funk and Soul Gems for a Quarantined 420 [Playlist]
Couch-Locked Funk and Soul Gems for a Quarantined 420 [Playlist]

Quarantine & Smoke: Listen to this Playlist of Rare Funk and Soul Gems for 4/20

Check out Okayplayer's official 4/20 playlist featuring a no-pass batch of psychedelic funk and soul obscurities.

With the country (mostly) in lockdown, due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), this year's 4/20 will probably be unlike any that came before it. There will be no cyphers. No rides. No passing of any sort.

Needless to say, observance of the high holiday will be a stationary pursuit. Which is a bummer. Because 4/20 — a day where weed smokers in all in all shapes and forms come together — is one of the last great communal holidays left. (If you don't know the significance of the number 4/20 it's the time when a group of California kids called "the Waldos" would meet up together after school and get high. That was in the '70s. Since then it's morphed into the day we all recognize today.)

Just because your 4/20 won't exactly hit the same doesn't mean you can't be listening to some amazing music. To guide you through an involuntarily-isolated 4/20, we've assembled a sequence of far-reaching funk, planet-jumping soul, and cosmic jazz to displace the quarantined smoker (and encourage some supplemental catalog-digging. You know you've got the time.) This playlist features almost 30 tracks of rare tunes, ranging from cuts from Italian composer Piero Umiliani to Florida funk group Mighty Ryeders to underrated soul singer Tommy Mcgee to early '70s soul band Apple and The Three Oranges.

Get ready to have you mind blown while also getting blowed. Listen to our 4/20 playlist below.


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