Listen To Khalid's New Song "Hopeless"

Hear Khalid On New Track "Hopeless"

by Abel Shifferaw
October 28, 2016 1:23 AM


Khalid, an eighteen year-old who hails from El Paso, Texas, has blessed the internets with, as DJ Khaled might suggest, “another one.” Khalid just released “Hopeless,” a beautiful song that laments love lost and being, well, a hopeless romantic. The track premiered on Zane Lowe‘s show on Apple Music. A few months back we got hipped to Khalid’s sultry and smooth track “Location,” a track which made our Ultimate 2016 Cuffing Soundtrack list. Since the release of the song it has gotten millions of plays through a variety of platforms such as Soundcloud and Spotify. “Location” was produced by Syk Sense, Tunji Ige and Smash David. Watch the video for the song here. And if your looking for more from Khalid check out the track “Let Go,” or this stripped down cover of Frank Ocean‘s “Lost.” Matter fact just peep his whole Soundcloud catalog. Khalid, who just graduated from high school, recently made the move to Los Angeles to focus on music full time. Definitely keep your ears peeled for more from the young Khalid and his future musical endeavors, which if his past music is any indication, is finna be pretty great. Listen to Khalid’s “Hopeless” via Youtube below.

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