Here's The Ultimate 2016 Cuffing Season Soundtrack

Here's Our Ultimate 2016 Cuffing Season Soundtrack

by Kevito
October 04, 2016 11:20 AM

Here's The Ultimate 2016 Cuffing Season Soundtrack

With fall in full swing and summer a not-so-distant memory, people are finding themselves desiring to be “cuffed” in a serious relationship. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Cuffing Season is in full swing. Temperatures are now at a steady 60-65 degrees, people are lonely for warmth and are eager to connect before the snow storms begin. In other words, because it is too cold to go out and there are no more day parties happenings, having a hot body to snuggle up with makes braving the ill weather that much better.

So, while you’re in search for that fall fellow or winter wifey, the move might be tough to complete given how social media makes us all susceptible to being catfish’d. We figured that we would assist all your lovers-in-the-making by sharing our definitive, ultimate Cuffing Season Soundtrack for 2016. Featuring the tried-and-tested sounds of a budding crop of singers, songwriters and all-around savants such as Xavier Omär, Kamaiyah and D.R.A.M. — this playlist can be bumped privately while you get your internet mack on or while you’re in the comfort of that cupcake session.

Either way, these are some of the best songs to play while attempt to slap those emotional bracelets on that special somebody. Enjoy and make sure to play these cuts on repeat!

Khalid — “Location”

Produced by Syk Sense, Tunji Ige and Smash David, this song is for the ones who don’t want to fall in love from the subtweets. El Paso, Texas’ own, Khalid, kicks game for those ladies looking to give up their GPS location, as things can only go well with the right communication.

Davion Farris ft. Tiffany Gouché — “Don’t Hold Back”

Inglewood, California’s own, Davion Farris, is a celebrated singer-songwriter who has worked with Jaheim, Tyrese, Mary J. Blige and Brian Michael-Cox to name a few. His penchant for working with baby making musicians is ideal, as his second preview single from his Trenier album features a fellow sex symbol in the making. Featuring our own fave, Tiffany Gouché, who delivers a sultry and smart verse — “Don’t Hold Back” is everything you and your mate will love as a bedroom favorite for quite some time.

Xavier Omär — “Grown Woman”

Formerly known as SPZRKT, the genius singer-songwriter has been our radar for awhile. With Cuffing Season in full swing, “Grown Woman,” produced by Thelonious Martin, is a perfect song for those looking for a partner with some maturity and guile. A great track for those who engage in the art of the two-step, Xavier Omär‘s “Grown Woman” is a heat rock worthy of Cuffing Season.

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