Friday chris tucker
Friday chris tucker
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Here's What Chris Tucker Said About Returning to the 'Friday' Franchise

While promoting his new film Air, Chris Tucker went to Audacy's V-103 to discuss Friday, a potential Rush Hour 4 and more.

Chris Tucker is giving fans an update on returning to his beloved movie franchises. While visiting Audacy's V-103 to promote his upcoming film Air, the 51-year-old gave details on a possible Rush Hour 4 and if he'd ever return to the Friday franchise.

Although Rush Hour costar Jackie Chan has previously announced that a fourth film is in the works, Tucker admitted that he "loves" working with Chinese actor, but that he has new material on the way. The hosts referenced another Tucker throwback, the 1994 Ice Cube classic Friday, where the actor-comedian made his mainstream breakout as Smokey.

"The movie took a life of its own and I love that people still want to see it," Tucker responded when asked if he gets tired of being questioned about returning to the Friday franchise. "I love that they did two more after the one I did. If it's possible, if it comes together right, I would try to do it. I'm a perfectionist, I'm sorry. If it ain't gonna be great – I don't believe in 'some movies are good, some are not.' Nah, I'm going all the way; I want it to be great."

Tucker then accepted the potential casting of comedian DC Young Fly as his son in a Friday prequel, also sharing that he's continued stand-up comedy.

In Air – a sports film about the rise of Michael Jordan and his signature Air Jordan sneaker via Nike – Tucker portrays former Nike junior executive Howard White. Having been at Nike for forty years, White is now VP of the company. Air comes to theaters on Wednesday, April 5.

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