French Montana and Jim Jones Settle 15-Year Beef on Instagram Live

"If there's anybody out there watching...learn from this."

With the majority of the public stuck inside for the foreseeable future, the average person is currently reassessing their priorities. On Thursday night, French Montana and Jim Jones took time to settle a misunderstanding. Watch the full video above.

The two joined each other on Instagram Live to officially squash the hard feelings that'd lasted for about 15 years. Back in March, French's fellow Coke Boy Max B expressed his regret at how the situation played out in the past. Max, French, and Jim Jones were embroiled in conflict for the greater part of the mid-2000s.

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"I think two egos [were] just coming together," Max said in an interview from prison. "Two big personalities. I wasn't there for that. I was just happy to be involved...It was just egos clashing. A lack of respect. That shit don't mix well, and next thing you know, we shoulda went a different way. I think today we would've handled the situation different."

French shared a clip of their conversation with a triumphant caption. "15 YEARS OF BEEFING ENDED UP WITH LAUGHS AND WAR STORIES," he wrote. "BIG MOMENT FOR HIP HOP."

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Max B is scheduled to be released from prison in 2021. After receiving a 75-year sentence in 2009, his sentence was reduced to 12 years in 2019.

Additionally, French released his new single "That's A Fact." Find the track on all major digital streaming platforms.

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