Copy of empire voices for change 006
Copy of empire voices for change 006

Empire Drops 'Voices for Change Vol.1' Feat. PJ Morton, Mozzy, and More

Empire signees PJ Morton, Mozzy, and Jean Deaux appear on the project.

On Tuesday, independent music distributor Empire released the compilation album Voices for Change, Vol.1. The project features Empire signees, shedding light on social injustices around the world. Proceeds from the project will go to the ACLU. View the full tracklist below.

Empire's vice-president of A&R Tina Davis spoke about how the project came together in a press release.

"Every artist on this project has experienced injustices," she said, "or they have a family member or friend that is dealing with it now. These artists do not want to stand by and say nothing. They want their voices to be heard. We're grateful that they have decided to share their voices to the world and EMPIRE is fortunate to support and amplify them in their efforts."

Notable names like D. Smoke, Jean Deaux, Audio Push, and Lloyd all appear on the compilation. Empire has also partnered with the ACLU and Vote.Org to release the Voices For Change project on National Voter Registration Day. Find Voices For Change on major digital streaming platforms.

EMPIRE: Voices for Change, Vol. 1. - Tracklist

  1. “Something’s Gotta Give” - Sonna Rele
  2. “They Don’t Care” - Lloyd
  3. “Hands Up” - TEC, $tupid Young
  4. “Albeh Nkasar” - Massari
  5. “Lost Children” - Little Torment
  6. “UNITY” - Rotimi
  7. “By Any Means” - Renz
  8. “Porky” - Haiti Babii
  9. “Helluva Feelin” - Mozzy
  10. “Persecución Policial” - Bulova
  11. “Time To Listen” - Audio Push
  12. “Optimistic” - Rexx Life Raj, D Smoke
  13. “Traffik” - Jean Deaux
  14. “Shackles” - Sammie
  15. “Promised Land” - Jackboy
  16. “Power (Say Her Name)” - iyla
  17. “Never Break Me Down” - KIM!
  18. “Unconditional” -  Bohan Phoenix
  19. “Don’t Shoot” - DJ Nelson, UNOWAY
  20. “You Should Be Ashamed” - PJ Morton
  21. “Real Black” - Kevin Ross, Trevor Jackson, Jacob Latimore

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