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André 3000 is the Star of Supreme's New Campaign

Photographed by Deana Lawson, Supreme has teased a forthcoming streetwear collaboration with rapper-actor André 3000.

André 3000 is the latest artist to team up with streetwear company Supreme. Photographed by Deana Lawson, the Outkast member is seen wearing a red beanie, a Supreme box tee, oversized shades, an olive jacket and baggy pinstripe overalls.

While holding his infamous flute in an accompanying 48-second clip over his 2003 song "Vibrate," the rapper, whose real name is André Benjamin, spoke about creative authenticity.

"Like, if I ain't creating nothing, I don't feel good. At a certain point, you gotta feed yourself and sometimes you can't feed on mimicking," he said. "You gotta put the time in to figure out who you are and what you're not, too. A lot of times, what you're not is very important, 'cause you can wanna be something, but your strength is actually in something else. That is what makes you start to do your own thing, and that's when your skin start to breathe and you start to get into your primal self. And your primal self is the best contribution to the planet."

Earlier this year, Benjamin was enlisted for a Squarespace Super Bowl LVI advertisement alongside Euphoria star Zendaya. Although he hasn't dropped a verse since appearing on Ye's "Life of The Party" in 2021, he provided the flute on three songs under his legal name on the soundtrack for A24 film Everything Everywhere All At Once. Benjamin will next star in black comedy horror film White Noise, which premieres on Netflix later this year.

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