Kanye West Okayplayer's Top 13 Songs of 2013

The album has always been the definitive unit of weighty artistic expression when it comes to music. But what it comes down to what people love are songs. You have to like an artist’s songs, after all, before you can respect and maybe one day learn to fall in love with an album. In the flash-trading pace of this internet world we live in, music is often reduced to all first dates all the time but even when the oversaturation of songs (and terrible sounding mp3s) becomes oppressive, the song is still the primary moment of musical enjoyment. And that is liberating side because, a moment like that can come from a pop superstar or an blog love sensation–or even the band down the street–with increasing ease and frequency. In fact we maybe fell in love with more first date songs this year than any in the history of man, because there were so many more sexy songs to check out. But only a few can make that feeling last every time you listen. And that’s how we arrived at Okayplayer’s 13 Best Songs of 2013. Play on:



  • Greggy

    U’re right! and better song without the official video

  • Don

    Collard Greens though? Really? I’m sorry but that beat is HORRIBLE. Sounds like some cheap early ’90s trance shit,

    • crispusattucks

      U crazy. that beat is sickness.

    • ONMY88SHiT

      I don’t think it’s that horrible but definitely not among the best songs of 2013.
      Kendrick’s spanish bars were funny tho.

    • jupiter209

      Collard Greens is different. Really, its basically fast ass cumbia tempo with rapping.

  • Chris Brummel

    RE: Janelle Monáe’s “Primetime” — Can you really say “the best Prince song that Prince never made” when D’Angelo’s “Untitled” exists? Eddie STATS, you are demoted.

  • dmon

    love okp but this list is so weak!

  • RJ Mallik

    Joey Bada$$ – 95 till Infinity. This list is solid, but Pro-Era was missing man.


  • Chris Sava

    Kelela’s mixtape is VERY good. I hope she kills it in 2014.

  • Ricky Two Feet

    Good list, but where’s KING “Inthemeantime”?

  • benoaks

    no danny brown? joey bada$$? chance the rapper? banks? willis earl beal? im the biggest OKP fan. i check this site daily for all the fresh music. but none of the songs on this list are even good.

    • benoaksisblind

      ‘Chance the Rapper – Smoke Again’

      On the list dude

  • Meezy

    Agree w/ Don…..

    • meezy

      *I meant dmon*

  • william

    1ST TIME on this sight came to see raekwon grrrreat checked out list pretty bad off stay real.