Few people would argue against Reasonable Doubt being Jay Z‘s best album to date (Sean Carter agrees, apparently), and if you disagree, you’re just wrong. Anyway, to celebrate Jay’s B-day and his greatest musical achievement, Skyzoo pays homage with this new Antman Wonder produced EP, An ode To Reasonable Doubt. The orchestral remake has features from MeLa Machinko, Dayna Watkins, Kay Cola, Diizco, Torae, and Sha Stimuli. Sky touches up some of the best songs RD has to offer with his own unique point of view, while Philly composer Antman Wonder recreates the original beats with live string sections, horns, and more. To coincide with the project’s release, we also get a video for track #3, “Meeting The Presidents,” directed by Alex Ghassan and shot live from 560 State Street, Brooklyn, NY. Happy B-Day Hov!



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  • Monica C.

    Smooth! I’m feeling it!

  • Gobbledy Gook

    I’m not hating on Jay z because he definitely has earned his stripes, but this is weird. It seems like pandering/ brown nosing since Jay Z is still around right now and Skyzoo is making a name for himself.

  • 2saunt

    This is nice. No need to search for flaws. We complain about no real rap. When we get it, we pick it apart

  • @thevidkid

    Was Elzhi “brown nosing” when he did Ellmatic? nah.
    That shit was great.

  • Power BornAllah

    I’m a big fan of Skyzoo. Lyrically, he’s damn near unmatchable. Considering I’ve listened to all of his albums, mixtapes, collabs, etc., that I could get my hands on. He always has come precise, complicated (I love that aspect of his rhymes) and just a Casmir smooth flow. However this offering misses the mark from my viewpoint. At times he sounds clumsy because he is using Jay-Z’s lines within his. I really wished he had just used his own words and not try to remake this album in essence. Using the beats I get but why not go for the jugular and shine with your own lyrics. I understand matching the flow but rehashing the lyrics threw out the album made this difficult to consume. What’s a shame is that when he is just flowing as normal without any of Hov’s lyrics, it’s displays his usual brilliance. I appreciate the thought but the product should have delivered in a different way. Skyzoo, redo “:The Black Album” next year but don’t use any of his lyrics, just kill it like the assassin you are brother. You still a RapGod, so respect due! Peace

    • Power BornAllah

      His “Penny Series”, proves my point. He should have approached this Ode to Reasonable Doubt, the same he did the Penny Series.

  • logic88