Samuel L. Jackson Is Upset That He Won't Be In Marvel's 'Black Panther'

Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther film has a great cast of black actors and actresses. But when the film hits theaters in 2018, Samuel L. Jackson won’t be there – and he’s not happy about it.

Jackson has been the most notable black actor in the Marvel Universe, portraying Nick Fury in films like Captain America and Avengers. He told We Got This that he was upset at not being involved in the film.

“I asked them, ‘So you’re doing Black Panther and the only black character in the Marvel Universe is not showing up?’ And they’re like, ‘Nick Fury is not in Wakanda!’” Jackson said. Wakanda is the fictional African country that T’Challa rules and protects as the Black Panther patriarch.

“How can he not know the other black superhero on the planet?” Jackson continued. “How the hell does that work? But they just said, ‘No you’re not in that one.’”

It’s tough to blame Jackson for being upset. The excitement for Black Panther after Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of T’Challa in Captain America: Civil War, with him having one of the film’s strongest storylines and being one of the best fighters. The Black Panther film will have an incredible cast of black excellence, too: Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Forest Whitaker, Danai Gurira, Angela Bassett, and possibly Phylicia Rashad will all appear, and the film is directed by Ryan Coogler.

Hopefully, we’ll see Jackson in a post-film bonus scene, or sometime in the Spider-Man film.

[h/t Complex]