Questlove x Black Thought Talk Chappelle, High School Stories, Plans For The Future On HuffPost Live

Questlove and Black Thought took to HuffPost Live to tell some tales from the musician factory that was their high school, discuss their personal influences, delve into some their own starstruck moments and so much more. In a candid sit down the two sleep-deprived Roots began the session with a few words on their recent performance with their boy –the gawd–  Dave Chappelle, spilling the beans on a certain other legendary comedian that will be opening up the show in the next few days (hint: starts with Chris, ends with Rock.)

They then jumped into the immense roster of musical kin that attended their high school, including Christian McBride, Bilal, our very own Karas Lamb and Boyz II Men (who apparently handed The Roots crew an L in an early talent show) amongst countless others. They touched on Q’s recent 6-part essay series, in which he contended that the ubiquity of hip-hop was as much of a defeat as it was a victory to the culture. They cap it off with an impromptu lunchroom freestyle and table-banging session, but not before Ahmir describes that one time Chappelle pitched him the idea of Purple Rain : The Comedy. Its a light-hearted and insightful discourse from the captains of the ship. Watch Questlove and Black Thought on HuffPost Live below.