OKP Premiere: Chill Moody- "nicethings Fall Apart" (prod. by JoeLogic)

Dang, its 2014 already, huh? Amongst the litany of albums celebrating their 15th anniversaries this year, our coux de grais would have to be that of The Roots‘ seminal work Things Fall Apart, which turns 15 this Sunday the 23rd. And to commemorate the monumental influence of that album in the years after, Chill Moody comes through to pay it homage with his one-off tributary “nicethings Fall Apart”; a track that boasts Moody’s smooth delivery over a sketch of chopped-up TFA samples produced by JoeLogic. The Philly-hubbed collective produces ill rehashes of some of the most important records to our dear tradition and “nicethings Fall Apart” is no exception. So go ahead and rock with Chill Moody and get the 15th anniversary of The Roots’ recently gone-platinum Things Fall Apart  started right.


  • R.

    What’s a coux de grais? I only know ‘coup de grâce’ and I’m not sure that Things Fall Apart is that for you or the 15-year celebrations. Looking forward to listening to this, though, so thanks!

  • Phil C

    *Coup de grace

  • iloverealbars

    Yo this sucks

  • phillydude

    Where the hell is truck north when u need him cuz this guy is super boring

  • ashame