The Roots 5th Annual Picnic

Roots Picnic 2012 schedule! Ahem, working schedule, that is. Set times are not locked in until the day of the event so these are subject to change (ie don’t try to sue somebody if Danny Brown takes the stage when you were expecting Shabazz Palaces. Or whatever). Nevertheless, this should give you a rough idea of where you need to be when to get the maximum musical fix from your Roots Picnic 2012 experience. Jump in after the jump and if you are on some last minute ish, buy tix here with all due haste!

tentative schedule/set times for Roots Picnic 2012


  • Keith E. Hernandez

    I tried to get a tentative schedule for months so I could make appropriate travel plans. Now, the day before the event, while I sit in my hotel room in Philly, I see I will miss Rakim, one of the 3 reasons I decided to make the journey (The Roots and De La being the other two). I feel like I got kicked in the gut.

  • Jake

    Very disappointed this wasn’t posted sooner. Even a TENTATIVE schedule would’ve helped with transportation plans.

    • odd_tremors

      I’m with you… thought they were playing BOTH days, hence the reason I felt okay buying tix for just today and not yesterday as well.

  • Yo where that Young Gliss set happening?

  • joe

    suddenly nervous…are the Roots playing Sunday?

  • Alex

    Arrrghhhh! Such idiots… Roots and de la soul was supposed to be on Sunday and now we’ve missed it. We’re coming from 2 hrs away. Will never buy tickets from these organizers again. They are a mess.

  • Meydad

    Wait… The one reason I really wanted to go is Selah Sue…
    She’s gonna be on for 20 minutes and I suppose to pay $60…
    Me don’t think so…. Sorry Selah… Still love you

  • Josie hanrillo

    So incredibly pissed off. Paid all this money for kid cudi alone to hear he was cancelled after standing in the rain for hours. Needless to say I will never go to the roots festival again, completely unorganized.