OG Ron C Gives The 'Moonlight' Soundtrack a Purple, Chopped (Never Slopped) Recalibration

Yesterday, Moonlight took home a grip of golden statuettes at the Oscars, including the award for “Best Picture” (in what was hands-down the strangest on-screen live TV moment this writer’s has ever witnessed.) The film — directed by Barry Jenkins — has been the subject of think-pieces galore and is easily amongst the year’s best films with or without the academy’s co-sign.

Today a new think-piece of sorts surfaces with the release of OG Ron C‘s chopped (never slopped) recalibration of the film’s outstanding soundtrack, featuring Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, Jidenna, Goodie MobYasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) and more. So if you’ve ever wondered what “Tyrone” or “Ms. Fat Booty” or “Classic Man” might sound like with that slurred to perfection Chopstars touch on them, here’s your shot. You can hear OG Ron C’s Purple Moonlight edits down below.

For more chopped and screwed gems, refer to the crew’s site and dive deep into the spacious half-speed cuts you didn’t know you needed so. Keep an eye on us for their transmission. Moonlight is still in theaters today and should be seen on the big screen at your earliest convenience.