Obie Iyoha (of The Black Opera) - 'Midnight Run' LP [STREAM]

Obie Iyoha (of The Black Opera) - 'Midnight Run' LP [STREAM]

Obie Iyoha (Of The Black Opera) Celebrates The Release Of His 'Midnight Run' Debut Solo LP With A Full Stream Of The 12-Track Project.

Obie Iyoha (of The Black Opera) celebrates the release of his Midnight Run debut solo LP with a full stream of the 12-track project. The album arrived this week, following a string of critically-acclaimed releases from The Black Opera. Digging deep into his bag of tricks, Iyoha puts his lived experience, lyrical versatility and abiding mysticism out front on each track. Taking listeners on a dark and decidedly electric excursion, Iyoha serves up a vivid compilation that pays tribute to the twitching rhythms of his Michigan stomping grounds and his Nigerian roots.

Midnight Run is a journey through the murky-water trenches of southeast Michigan, otherwise known as ‘Trippyville’, confronting the vices that the night has to offer. The album is laced with live instrumentation over vibey production. It flows through slow, bass-heavy trap, and onto upbeat boom-bap and dance, painting a sonic portrait of a late night excursion through the inner city. Obie Iyoha may be a new name to some, but his stories are vivid enough to bring you into his world and make you feel like it’s your own. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

Check the tracks below to stream the Midnight Run LP. Keep an ear out for that Reading Rainbow sample. Purchase the project via iTunes and Bandcamp.

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