Michael Jackson's "XSCAPE" Offers A Peak Into The Posthumous Release

Michael Jackson‘s posthumous XSCAPE release is seeing its first drop today with the liberation of its Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins produced title track. For those out of the loop, the entire project is the product of LA Reid‘s attempt to bring Michael’s legacy to a younger generation by “contemporizing” material that spans nearly five decades. Whether that seems like a good move or not, we can’t be upset with the slated personnel. This offering struts MJ’s patented peppering vocal refrain over a shiny modern production scheme, but manages to hold true to the funk. Listen to the first offering from Michael Jackson’s posthumous XSCAPE below, but be sure to keep your ear to the ground for more drops from the album and preorder the release via iTunes before it drops May 13th.



spotted at SoulCulture


  • Dev DallasCowboy John

    I kinda dig it…..maybe only because its MJ

  • Dawgmatic

    Dated……should have left this on the shelf. Not a good start. Visions of Mike turning into a car…..again.

  • smither

    This is actually pretty great

    • Beefyamazeballs

      I said the same thing. It’s so nice to hear the throwback sounds with MJ singing. This takes me back to ’01!!

  • randy odeh

    Love it! looking forward to the album

  • Cam

    TBH the last Darkchild produced track I dug was “You Rock My World” in ’01…Best part about this is Mike. It’s a bit all over the place otherwise. Can we get an actual instrument? Not a fan of the synth takeover.

  • onlyonereasonone

    mjizzzle for life son… i can dig it

  • Mr. X

    I’ve had this song for years. Since MySpace days.

    • ApolloTSG

      No one cares, dude.

    • Mr. X

      Oh you didn’t care to know fyi that this track was readily available for “years” and could have actually been put on the last Jackson posthumous release? Sorry for just telling you the truth. OK, I’ll walk out and leave your butt-hole now and I’ll take my stick with me. Sorry.

    • ApolloTSG

      Good. Fucking finally. My arse is still sore from the last time it got butt-hurt on thoughtcatalog.

  • Sweetboy

    Typical sounding Mike…only one…Legend, Just waiting for the Jaaaaaaam on..Daaaaaaaa!!

  • Karen

    Really enjoyed it, brings back a lot of memories of MJ, just a shame we won’t see him dancing to this album

  • MJ fan

    This is not the new version! This is the original. The new version can be heard in the youtube trailer released earlier this month. Poor excuse for journalism

  • Guerrilla Media


  • jjdpro media production

    Sounds like a track on the Invisible album. That being said, It’s perfect and it’s MJ.. High Quality production. Sounds like a MJ and Teddy Riley Production.. Banging Drums and Bass.. Bruce Swiedien mix.. It’s a bit dated , but I like it..

  • ISH-3000

    It’s 2pac all over again…