Outspoken rapper and activist Lupe Fiasco was removed from stage by security personnel at an Inauguration celebration for President Obama last night after performing the first verse of his anti-censorship anthem “Words I Never Said” (which contains some stridently anti-Obama lyrics. The whole incident was recorded in not quite-real-time via the twitter timeline of @LupeFiascoStore, which reported as follows:

So Lupe just performed the first verse of “Words I Never Said” for 30 minutes straight. He had to be removed from the stage…. for performing. Im at a loss for words…20 min straight… **they cut his mic off**. Raps with no mic for 5-10 more minutes, People booing and everything. They cut the power to the stage. All those people… stunned! Security had to remove the homie from the stage.He did the entire set, all the music from all the songs he was going to play were played… but he only did that verse. He stopped and had water once, and then he started the verse again…and again… and again… and again… No arrests… they just removed him from the stage. Nothing violent or negative was done. Just an #EpicShow!Take this Day serious. #MLKDay.

A highlights reel of the entire episode–including closed caption transcription of the anti-Obama verses for the rapping impaired–was captured on video, which can be seen below.

Considering that a) by hi-jacking this event, Lupe is basically doing in real life what he did in mini-movie form in the video for “Words I Never Said” and b) he has never minced his feelings about the POTUS, going so far as to call him a terrorist and then defending that statement to, of all Obama-boosters, Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly–nobody should really be shocked by this turn of events. In fact, as Rapper Big Pooh pointed out (also via twitter) the most questionable actions here may be those of the person who thought it made sense to book Lupe for this event. In any case, there will be doubtless be much more said about this high-profile protest amidst the ongoing commentary from all sides on today’s public inauguration and related festivities on the mall in DC–stay tuned!

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  • Never heard of this fool. He got his 15 minutes of fame and now he is just another disrespectful idiot that didn’t get his way and will stomp his feet for awhile to keep the media attention.

    • Samir Farhi

      This fool is one of the greatest lyrical mcs ever who want to stay unseen. It’s not about keeping the media attention, it’s about have it just for 10 minutes to say what we don’t want to hear (what he is saying in his albums)

    • Never heard of Lupe? who are u? tho i wouldve gotten tired too of hearing the same lyrics for 30 min……ok lupe, i get it, ur political, now please play some songs….ur still silly deni

    • lupe for life

      you never heard of that fool and talk that amount of trash in the direction of that fool ….that does not make you a bit of a fooll

    • Lupe made this track about a year ago, He is voicing his opinion on the President and he should. Freedom of speech; tune out if you don’t like it…

    • I guess it is kind of cool he did speak out, put without real good political knowledge I can’t judge his views

    • vangpo

      If he had beef with Obama why accept an invite to the inauguration? You don’t go talk sh*t about a man at his own party. Lupe was out of line, period. This isn’t about Freedom of Speech. It’s about common motherf*ckin sense. Something Lupe has none of.

    • Aaron

      This isn’t a party. This is a political function with historically little real significance. Before you trash what he says, listen to the song and ask yourself whether it should be sung.

    • vangpo

      The same principle applies. If you get invited to a social function celebrating a man you don’t agree with, you don’t accept and then talk smack. Only a damned fool would do so. And only a bigger fool would laud him for doing it.

    • vangpo

      I’ve never heard of him either. Agree 100% with your comment.

    • lazza

      you’ve never heard of this fool? Are you kidding – he’s an incredible rapper and good on him for standing for what he believes.

  • Stupidest thing ever. The question on the top of my head is WHY would you even invite Lupe to perform? If the organizers did their homework, they would know Lupe doesn’t even like Obama, and is controversial for the sake of people hearing. He gets on my nerves now, definitely over his whole musical existence. Dramatic but yeah, he needs to shuttup sometimes.

    • Yea he’s the last person I would expect to be invited…., they should have brought the brother Common or something

  • OrangeMoon

    I didn’t hear any booing. We still have freedom of speech and he is expressing it. Nothing wrong with that. There is some truths in what he was saying anyway but some can’t handle the truth.

  • tool2sage

    always been a fan of Lupe, but he overdid it this time by doing the same verse over and over. whoever booked him probably knew he would do that song…but not on loop like a child until he had to be removed,which imo was his goal. of coarse he’s still a sick mc,but lost a little of my respect.

    • Rickyrose

      Agreed. I ‘m a big Lupe Fan. I don’t think anyone in the game….ANYONE…can touch his ability.. but I’ve lost respect for this one. He can say what he wants but his lack of gratitude is repelling. It’s 2013 not 1963. I think his 60’s activist energy should be directed another way in this country. Especially in light of what’s happening in Africa and the Middle East.

    • hauza

      I’m thinking some 60’s activist energy is just what we need. Plus the lyric he was repeating was about the Middle East.

    • rickyrose

      How was it productive or practical in solving any issues i the middle east?

  • The SoapBox Killer

    More power to him, one of the reasons this is the greatest country in the world is people don’t have to agree with anything. But if Obama was white, would anyone care? What if Mitt had won…and Lupe said the something of this nature or worse, would there be any “outrage”? “The Agenda has you…

    Hell, if you don’t like the music they want you to like that makes you a hater! I can Imagine what they call you when you don’t worship there messiah.

    AND…why in the hell do you invite LUPE of all people to this. That is dumb!

  • vangpo

    Attention wh*ring at it’s finest. It worked. I’d never even heard of him until today.

  • mcarey84

    Go Lupe!!!

  • troubleman81

    I’ll just say this has to damage his credibility as an emcee on the part of professionalism as far as GREAT current emcees go. Very unnecessary on his part and for all the things potus has done that people dislike, they forget the necessity of many things he’s worked to improve or change. But honestly Lupe Fiasshole is becoming annoying, sometimes saying “no i will not perform at this event” is protest enough.