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Video: Lupe Fiasco vs. Bill O'Reilly

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

This is must-watch TV, y’all.  Lupe Fiasco came on Fox News’ the O’Reilly Factor last night to defend statements he made (in interviews about his song “Words I Never Said“) in which he characterized President Obama (and the U.S. generally) as “the biggest terrorist in the world.”  The absurd beauty of this, of course, is that it puts conservative pundit O’Reilly in the position of defending Obama, especially his aggressive action in taking out Osama Bin Laden–pretty heavy irony considering that Fox News has regularly conflated the President with the #1 terrorist through insinuation, convenient typos and sometimes straight-up lies ever since he became a candidate. Though Lupe scores some intelligent points about the real sources of ‘weaponized fear’ here and there, his answers are mostly chopped up by obvious edits so as to include only his most flustered and argumentative moments on-camera, while O’Reilly plays it very reasonable and level-headed. But who is playing who? Is O’Reilly discrediting Lupe’s dissent, or has the rapper bad-copped the right wing into getting behind a black democratic President? I can’t help but  think of Malcolm X‘s insightful quote about his differences with MLK, Jr to the effect that: “If the white people realize what the alternative is, perhaps they will be more willing to hear Dr. King.”

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