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Video: Lupe Fiasco "Words I Never Said"

by Eddie "STATS"
8 years ago

The new Lupe Fiasco video for “Words I Never Said”–a stark but effective piece directed by Sanaa Hamri that perfectly illustrates the song’s concept, which is all about self-censorship. In 3 minutes Lupe hijacks the PA system on a city bus, kung fu fights his way out of (mental) prison and rescues a hot girl in lace-up boots from a Matrix-like brainwashing machine. It all makes sense when you watch it and listen to the lyrics of the hook. But the verses are what really sell this song. Lupe starts out with “I really think the War on Terror is a load of bullsh*t”¬†and then proceeds to “Limbaugh is a racist/Glenn Beck is a racist” before tracing out jihaadists (and Israel), questioning 9/11 and explaining why he doesn’t vote. I don’t agree with 1/2 the things he says in here, actually, but the fact that we went so balls out is kind of refreshing–and that’s the point!

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