That Time The Ladies Of KING Took KPFK To Church

That Time The Ladies Of KING Took KPFK To Church

by zo
4 years ago

That Time King Took KPFW To Church

KING is a trio of finely tuned soulstresses that have vocal chops for days.┬áTheir elaborate display of heart-stopping melodies and flawless harmonies tuned us in as soon we got the Phonte co-sign all those years ago when they jumped off the very First Look we ever did. Whether it be the exhausting humidity or just the Hump Day blues, today we were reminded of that majestic moment last year when they set KPFK‘s LA studio ablaze with their three-song set, which put us right back on top (those rhodes though?!) We let y’all taste the greatness of their performance of “Supernatural” last year, but today we got the itch to put up the whole 3-track set. So, boom. There ya go. Enjoy your post Hump Day cool-out with this maddeningly sweet trio of powerful and calculated soul-slingers below and be sure to keep it locked for more on the horizon from the lovely ladies of KING.

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