Panorama Day 2: Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak Give Ground-Shaking Sets

Photo by Vickey Ford/Sneakshot for Okayplayer

In his surprise single, “The Heart Part 4,” Kendrick Lamar advised rappers (the world?) to brace themselves for April 7th, a date many are speculating signals the release date of a new project.

Over the weekend, conjecture flipped to full-on anxiety with the apparent leak of a track list for the album. And let’s just say that if it stands, K Dot may have another classic in the chamber. It reveals collaborations with longtime TDE contributors Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Sounwave, Anna Wise and Terrace Martin. But it’s the non-labelmate names that should raise eyes and attention. Also featured on the track list, collaborations with D’Angelo, Q-Tip,  Kanye West, Andre 3000 and fellow Aftermath artist, Anderson .Paak

Now, I hate the leaked lists more than most things in the world, but the last time one of these popped up (the peculiar case of the Gorillaz’s new album, Humanz) it turned out to be precisely the advertised roster. Suppose we’ll have to wait and see, though. Peep the leaked track list for Kendrick Lamar’s rumored new album below and hope with us all this isn’t just some music nerd pulling on the heart strings of the world. Revisit “The Heart Part 4” in this week’s installment of The Round-Up.

Track List:
1. Purple Hibiscus – produced by Sounwave & Terrace Martin
2. Counterfeit – produced by Rahki & Taz Arnold
3. Trust Everyone – produced by DJ Dahi, Terrace Martin & Thundercat
4. Delusional (Like You Haven’t) – featuring Anderson .Paak & Anna Wise, produced by Sounwave
5. Product – featuring Andre Benjamin, produced by Kanye West & Taz Arnold
6. Richard Nixon – produced by LoveDragon
7. None of Your Business – featuring Anna Wise, Kanye West & Q-Tip, produced by DJ Dahi, Kanye West & Sounwave
8. Double Standards – produced by LoveDragon & Rahki
9. If You Had Me, You Lost Me (Interlude) – produced by Flying Lotus & Mono/Poly
10. Commercialized, Failed Experiments – produced by Alchemist, Cardo & Swizz Beatz
11. Ten Steps – featuring Bilal, D’Angelo, & Thundercat, produced by Sounwave & Terrace Martin
12. Paranoia, Is Love Stronger Than Death? – produced by K.L. & LoveDragon
13. Rest in Paradise (Interlude) – produced by Terrace Martin
14. Swim with the Fishes (God Said) – produced by Sounwave & Terrace Martin


  • Scott Heins

    Ain’t no damn way this is real

  • SMB the communist

    Just cuz it’s Kendrick the masses go insane lol. Most of this “list” is probably fabricated

  • D.Owens=3

    It’s a strong possibility, Aftermath money can make a lot of things happen. Not only that the talent of Kendrick.


    Albums no longer have hard release dates. He could drop it at anytime between now and then without any hints. Is there an official title for this project yet?

  • ToniteShow510

    Alchemist does have production credits on “the heart pt 4” and i seen a pic of alchemist as well as cardo and dahi collabing on music on cardo’s IG. Additionally,kanye west stated that he and kendrick have 40 songs together. I dont know about this tracklist but it has been confirmed that kendrick has been in the lab with those two particular producers. Only time will tell whats legit,cant wait for the new album.

  • Luvn_it

    This tracklist is fake its already been verified as such. I knew it was fake when I seen none of the songs featured none of his Black Hippy group members. Which they have appeared on all his Albums and Mixtapes.

    • Ajoge Nasir

      Where has it been verified as fake?

    • Luvn_it

      Cardo one of the producers who work with him and TDE verified it on his Twitter. And the IRSC codes aren’t right they should be for 2017 not 2015 which shows the person didn’t know what they were doing.

    • zo

      not one Black Hippy feature on TPAB.

    • Luvn_it

      Yeah the song I was thinking about with Jay Rock is on U.U,but that doesn’t change the fact the tracklist is still fake.

  • yourmothershouldreallyknow

    Damn. provides more than enough to take in for now.