KASSAPURUSH (fka Kassa Overall) "Cussing At The Strip Club" - Okayplayer

KASSAPURUSH (fka Kassa Overall) "Cussing At The Strip Club"


I’m cussing at the strip club and I don’t go to church – definitely an attention grabbing first bar right there. KASSAPURUSH (fka Kassa Overall) is sure to keep your attention for the remaining two plus minutes on this dope new ISSUE produced cut, “Cussing At The Strip Club.” Says Kassa of the track: “Cussing At The Strip Club is a study in non judgement. From the title it sounds like sounds like another song about turning up at the night spot. But if you dig a bit deeper and actually listen to the song once or twice you will realize that the song is about having a personal relationship with the universal mind and not worrying about the little shit someone else does. We need to stop keeping tabs on everyone else get to work. Make your own dreams come true and look inside bro.” The world would be a far more tolerable place if more people took that advice. The track also serves as the first single from Kassa’s upcoming self-titled album, KASSAPURUSH.

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