Kanye West Yeezus Big Ghost review
Kanye West Yeezus album review by Big Ghost

Ayo whattup you back in the presence that never left…Its ya boy Crack Cocaine Biceps aka Big Ghost nahmean. It aint no secret that this ni**a Yeezy outta control. Son got the ego of like 72 men combined nahmean. Jus look at the song titles on this shit b. Straight up n down…Kanye done gone from walkin wit Jesus to FAWHHGIT BOWT JEEESUS AWM DA NEWWW MUHSIYAHHH… But is son gon live up to his own high standards? Lets dispense with the legalities and find out right now yo…

The views n what have you in this muthafucka is all my owns…so that aint in no way a reflection of nobody other than myself n whatever else b. No other man or woman or child represented heretofore n such hereby is sharin the opinion of the gentleman who be sayin the shit contained within namsayin. This muthafucka do be containin foul language n shit that might offend small children n old people n shit too. It should be noted by all those who is present today here today before God that yall here on ya own accord n if anybody not cool wit that they should leave now or forever hold they peace…

1. “On Sight” – Imma keep it all the way real wit yall…the way this shit started had me wishin for the days of unnecessary Mr West skits… maybe even Nicki Minaj recitin some bullshit ass limerick in a British accent or whatever… Soon as I heard the electro shits start up I knew what the fuck was bout to happen… This shit like BLOOP BLUHHH BLEEP BLOOP BLUHHH BLEEP BLOOP BLUHHH BLEEP BLOOP BLUHHH BLEEP BLOOP BLUHHH BLEEP TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK BLOOP BLUHH BLEEP BLOOP BLUHHH BLEEP…soundin like he made a beat n threw the Atari filter on that shit when it was done. The hook like BLUH BLUH BLUH ON SIGHT BLUH BLUH BLUH ON SIGHT… I kno it aint paintin a vivid picture for yall muthafuckas who aint heard the shit yet but trust me…shit is accurate. Took me bout 200 listens before I saw any value in this shit. It aint my favorite track or nothin but I aint mad at it really. Probably be kinda dope at a show…….in the middle of a desert…….on Mars……wit Chinese acrobats shootin outta cannons from one side of the stage to the other n this shit blastin out some big ass speakers at 70 billion gigahertz n whatever..Ionno…

2. “Black Skinhead” – Its like son took all the most homoerotic sounds n elements from the song Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode n added 808s to that shit… This beat is like the sound of some oiled up dudes in cowboy hats pretendin to twirl lassos in the air on the dance floor in music form n shit. This track probably sprinkled all in Chris Bosh workout playlist 10 different times by now n shit. That ni**a Yeezy probably thought to hisself….’Dis shit pruhVAWKative’ tho. Apparently CyHi the Snore Gawd n Lupe “12 black belts n 10 PhDs” Fiasco had sumn to do wit this too. Bars is aight but summa this shit bogus nahmean. Like son said “I keep it 300 like the Romans” which is probably spose to be a double entendre n whatever…which is cool… I mean I aint no professor of geographical history or nothin like that but I think the Spartans in 300 was actually Greek tho fam. Thats jus minor details tho. Brother Ye on his pro black shit for this joint namsayin. Son really tryin to make his pro-BLACKest song to the pro-WHITEst music here tho. I cant say I all the way fucks wit this shit…

Kanye West Yeezus album review by Big Ghost

3. “I Am A God” – This sound like some Illuminati rap. Feel like this the song Kanye been makin for the last 3 years…except now he jus gettin right to the point n called the song what he probably wanted to call ALL his songs since Watch The Throne n shit. Like son not gon tip toe round the fact that he fell from the heavens above n now he among mere mortals that fuck wit his music. Like he feelin like IF YALL NAWT GON SAY IT AWMA JUS SAY IT FA YAAALLLL. Fuckouttahere Kanye… You wild stupid for a genius yo. You can proclaim this shit all you want but you jus a ni**a who kno how to hit some buttons on a machine that makes music REAL REAL good n can rap better than average but happen to got the decorum of a toddler b. Its like Kanye never stopped goin thru his terrible twos n shit. Son cant eem play a instrument or nothin like that or speak multiple languages so how he a GOD my ni**a? Im sittin here spinnin a vase from the Ming dynasty on my finger b. Fuckouttahere. I do this shit forreal.




    comeon son, how you gonna expose the album to be near garbage except Bound 2 and then hit this shit with a 3.5 b. Shit was a 2.5, 3 tops. I don’t care about what boundaries this dude pushing, shit as an album was kinda weak b.

    • Gda3

      I’m glad I’m not the only person that wasn’t feelin this album. I’d give it 3 slaps at absolute max too homie.

    • The Esteemed

      Yeah, 3.5 is a little high. It’s a 2 .5 in my book.


      Yeah b, shitload of critics be sayin’ that this is that new era classic, but this shit in all honesty is probably Yeezy’s worst solo album he’s put out as a entire piece son. I’m not a hip hop purist or nothin, I thought Black Skinhead, New Slaves an’ Blood on The Leaves were dope for the sound he was goin’ for and shit, but he had too many weak motherfuckin’ tracks. No disrespect or anything, Kanye still a legend, but this shit isn’t what people are hyping it up to be.

    • This, pretty much

    • Jewbacca

      This wasn’t worse than 808s

    • jrems

      He got the Kanye bump… extra Zeus Slap for being ‘Ye.

    • skitchbeatz

      Basically he said “I can’t let Cole get the same score as Kanye”

    • COCA

      Cole is wack as fuck though

    • MD

      I definitely only think it gets 2 or 2.5 at the max….it seems more like an electronica album than hip hop or even the watered down rap stuff

  • Michael Di Gennaro

    3.5 from a rap traditionalist is pretty good.

    • Chauncey

      LMAO @ the word salad these fuccbois have to whip up to rationalize this mediocre album. “O U JUST A RAP TRADITIONALIST” “O U JUS DIDNT KNOW THAT YEEZUS IS A POST IRONIC COMMENTARY ON THE TRAGEDIES OF AFROFUTURISTIC MODALITIES”

      Fuck outta here. 2/5 album.

    • tony

      shut the fuck up fag

    • Mannie Grant

      2.5/5 wit you on it

    • some dude

      that was a perfect comment. there it is.

    • Jack

      But….Your name is Chances thougj

    • Michael Di Gennaro

      All I said was that I think Big Ghost is more of an old-school type guy, and Yeezus is not an old-school album, so him giving Ye a 3.5/5 is pretty surprising

  • Dirty

    This is a 2 Zeus slap effort without a doubt. The album is garbage, and it should be judged as such.

  • Chris VanderWielen

    Spot on review.

  • Hugo

    3.5 seems about right. I like this about as much as I like Tyler’s album, and that got 3.5 SLAPS!

  • EDouble

    Say what? I can’t be down with a review in which the reviewer has to introduce himself first. It’s about H I M, not the work.

  • Rtillery

    Review is on point. Same shit I was thinking.

  • jlev25

    dude COMPLETELY agree with everything you said..wish I had your eloquence.

  • jdorsainville

    I gave it a 3.5 as well. Bound 2 is truly a great song. Blood on the leaves, well he took a huge risk sampling from Billie Holiday, but I enjoy it.

    • 2 of my faves by the way. The rest of the album is “aaite” to me. Sonically its so left field that the negative backlash is unsurprising.

    • John Diggles

      Didn’t he sample the Nina Simone version?

    • jdorsainville

      Yes, I was just referring to the original creator.

  • YouSerious?

    It almost seems like Ghost is doing a formula of “hilarious review that jokes on EVERYTHING on the album, then decent rating” in order to have a sort of safeguard against people who are gonna ride Cole and Ye’s stuff no matter what.

    On the other hand, I can get what he’s saying. Yeezus is interesting with some of the ideas, but really as an album its just not pleasing to listen to for my EARS. As opposed to Born Sinner, where you can kinda mess with the songs because they sound alright or whatever, but Cole is saying the SAMEEE SHIT (I got a college degree! Bitches who used to turn me down want me now! My dudes who used to say I was a joke wanna be all with me!) over and over.

    Bottom line is: both projects are okay, but neither is anywhere NEAR the hype that stans gave them.

  • kneelbeforetigers

    Hoping there will be another review, this time with a serious tone.

    Been kinda concerned that there’s been few voices of color reviewing the new Yeezy album— most mainstream ones have been from white male perspectives.

    • Sauce

      You’re absolutely right. Do you see what is going on? Techno-hipsters are taking over hip-hop and claiming it as their own. They control the major music reviews so of course they are going to call this a “classic.” I miss real hip-hop. Heard a cipher with Buckshot, Talib, Skyzoo, and Joey Badass with Evil D on the wheels earlier today. Only Brooklyn can save us now.

    • Mannie Grant


    • CIM

      Heard a comedian say once you can tell what was cool when an old dude turned 25 because he’s still wearing the same shit. The golden age is over.

    • inf

      I’m probably exactly what you’d call a technohipster, being white and from the UK where ‘techno’ is widely accepted and popular, and having been familiar with artists like Hudson Mohawke and Lunice for a couple of years. I read Big Ghost’s reviews for the comedy but it’s interesting reading the comments here.

      From my perspective this album and a lot of other trends in music currently is connected to the rise of EDM and the mass commercialization of electronic music in America.. EDM is going to get bigger and bigger in America like it did in Europe 20 years ago, and crossover albums like this this with rap over EDM makes perfect sense from a commercial view. Musically i think it’s totally lacking though.. like Trap music being heavily inspired by 10 year old dutch Hardstyle techno. Just being presented as something new, for hipsters as you say (i know it goes both ways, but electronic music isn’t presented as new and is open about these direct influences generally).

      I emphasize with real hip-hop fans i feel like there’s a lot of similar feelings – real house/techno music culture is totally against commercialization or this horrible superstar DJ culture. The roots is underground music, for the people and by the people and not an abhorrent celebration of wealth that is getting more and more disgusting as the gap between the rich and poor gets greater.. I hope there’s a counterculture in music for both of our respective scenes that’s really representative of how people are feeling and really taps into something rather than giant ego trips in the form of music.

      Probably no one will notice my super late comment, maybe i should have found a more current article to post on, but its still relevant!

    • Reality Check

      Word…BK always reps that raw boom bapBK

    • Stephen Norris

      Why? Ghost was spot on. Serious review or not, this album is super weak.

    • kneelbeforetigers

      Again, I would like to hear some voices of color talking about this album, as there’s a lot of context and themes that I think need to be explored. So far, it’s been a lot of mainstream journos fanboys (or professional grumblers) pontificating about Kanye being mad…

    • VoiceOCOLA


    • Derrick

      Here is a sampling of the ratings for both “Born Sinner” and “Yeezus”:

      Born Sinner

      Slant 4/5
      Spin 6/10
      Pitchfork 6/10
      Consequences of Sound 3/5
      Rolling Stone 3.5/5
      Hip Hop DX 4/5
      Sputnik Music 3/5
      XXL- L


      Slant 3/5
      Spin 8/10
      Pitchfork 9.5
      Consequences of Sound 5/5
      Pretty Much Amazing A
      Rolling Stone 4.5/5
      Hip Hop DX 4.5/ 5
      Sputnik Music three different reviews
      3.7/5, 4.5/5, 5/5
      XXL- XL

      I’m not prepared to comment on these numbers, I just wanted to put it out there. As much as I enjoy Big Ghost’s reviews, I really would like to get a serious review from Okayplayer for both albums.

  • Les

    It was a convoluted mess of an album. Gave it a chance like all the other stuff he’s put out since 808s (ugh), not feeling any of his arrogance on whatever works he put out..his raps aren’t all that either yet there are stans who are calling him a legend..FOH…garbage…2 slaps (it’s not a “hip hop” album)

    • mrmag83

      i agree with the last “its not a hip-hop” album…if you look at it like a hip-hop album then i think the 2 slaps ios justified. but if not, i agree with Ghost.

  • mrmag83

    concur. agree. all that fly sh*t.

  • Trey Arline

    I love the shit out of this album, and I still laughed my ass off. Zeus strikes gold again!

    • Elliot Gould Swag

      You’re right. It’s not made for jail niggas, it’s made for the niggas that can get them out! Wake up!

      P.S. I don’t really like it (the album) but I get the themes and the construction is great.

  • Mongo Slade

    I LOVE GHOST FACE REVIEWS!!! Dude is fuckin crazy and very creative how he articulates things and mad funny!!! Great review Ghost… I’m a Kanye enthusiast didn’t buy the album yet nor did I hear it but ummm those first 2 singles are VERY WEIRD!

  • Yeah

    I agree w. big ghost fase. It’s kanye’s worst album, but its clearly an attempt at something radically different that Is hardly rap.

    • ^^^Cosigned

    • Jewbacca

      It’s nowhere near as bad as 808s

    • Jewbacca

      but it’s not good either

  • Richard Evans

    Ghost gave this a 3.5 to keep people happy. Reading this review you can tell he only liked 2 sons so this is more like a 1.5-2.5

  • JA-Rock

    Y’all know that this ain’t really Ghostface Killah writing these reviews, right?

  • Kahlief

    Can someone translate this into english? Why do people let this stuff on the web?

    • Trevor Weddington

      If yoi don’t understand it then its not for you to read

    • Kahlief

      it’s not readable, it’s not even coherent, it’s a damn shame the editors of the site put this gibberish up.

    • fosterakahunter

      Are you new to Bigghost reviews, or just an idiot? I can speak the King’s English and read these reviews, with no problem. What’s yours, bro bro?

    • g man

      1 zeus slap for you

  • Matthew Myopinion Fcku Murphy

    u can’t give this album to the world, the world can’t handle new things…they react strangely to anything thats not spoon fed to them everyday through mass media. this is not a album for hypebeasts. this aint a album for can’t get out the hood nighas…accepting this would be like shutting down their game because how can they start doing this, that would require more than just rhyming words. this is kanye trying to be more…and something that everyone should try. its easy just doing the same thing over and over. “all u blacks want all the same thing…”

    • tyrant the voice

      Your a fan!!! good that helps especially, when people like this think that they can put out something that isn’t new at all!!! This album is nothing but the techno sounds of the 90’s re-done over in this age and is his attempt to bring that sound back, also that market was over-saturated with hundreds of groups!!!If you wan’t to give the people something different then tell the truth in your music and don’t hoodwink people still in this struggle of life who are less fortunate than others!!!

    • witness

      “trying to be more” is not rapping about sex to techno music bruh. this album is trash and your hipster ass is tryin to justify it saying its something more, its not. this dude Kanye wasn’t focused at all, Kim K’s fault LoL

    • Exactly…..people can’t accept when someone don’t like something in music anymore, always trying to say “oh, it’s just different & you don’t get it” or “it’s not meant to be (insert b.s. excuse here)”. Is it horrible? no…..but it definitely isn’t the 2nd coming either.

    • Xavier Holloman

      “Rapping about sex to techno music”

      If you think that he was rapping over techno then you are apparently audibly-retarded. Sit your dumbass down in the corner.

    • Mannie Grant

      like tony romo and jessica simpson, no focus lol

    • GuyAboveIsNotAnIdiot

      Possibly the only good post in this entire comment section

    • Big Baby Jesus

      This is some ignorant ass shit.

  • BigGhostIsStupid

    This guy is pretty much the funny version of Ebro from Hot 97. Opinions are ass backwards unless they fit his “real hip hop” tastes. And get that black and white shit you keep talking about tf outta here, jackasses like this dude keep the color of your skin relevant in hip hop culture when it shouldn’t be.

    • fosterakahunter

      It is relevant when white people stay influencing the music and culture in a negative way. And, the Ebro comparison is unwarranted. Ebro is arrogant and a faux-purist in his radio gig. He should be a PD and stay silent, as should you.

    • GuyAboveIsAnIdiot

      You are a fucking idiot.

      White people, asians, whatever can listen to whatever the fuck they want. Black people don’t own hip hop jackass. And its not “white influenced” just because its not some old school soulful sounding bullshit.

      The Ebro comparison hits the nail on the head. Two dumb motherfuckers, at least Ghost makes you laugh through his shit opinions.

  • jersey

    This is a horrible review.. None of this shit is accurate. especially the black skinheads review.. dont quit your day job

    • tyrant the voice

      Sorry, but this album is techno trash!!! Overly hyped up by groupies and record exec.’s that so many artist wan’t to rub elbows with in an attempt to get paid and to gain status and fame!! And if artist wan’t to try it, go ahead you’ll never make it!!!

    • Floridaevans

      But there isn’t any techno on the album though…

    • tyrant the voice

      What? Whoever this is you must have just discovered music about a year ago!! Talk to the next simple idiot please not me okay!!

    • Floridaevans

      I know the difference between techno, New Wave, No Wave, and Industrial.

      Because you, obviously, don’t know the difference and label it “techno,” it’s MY fault. Okay.

      As you were.

    • tyrant the voice

      These guys of today are more sensitive than women!! Damn, i get it groupie your a kanye fan !!! But your emotional so save the drama for the suckers sweetheart!! I’m sorry i hurt your feelings!! Alright !! does that make it better babygirl !!!

  • The Saint

    Mac Miller lowkey had the best album out of the three.

    • tyrant the voice

      No!!! He’s Wacckkkk!!! just face the facts !!! He’s another eminem clone!!! He should be a cop because he looks like one!!!

    • fosterakahunter

      Man, where is the instro version of ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’? That’s what I thought of the Miller offering. His rhymes are boring, at best, garbage otherwise.

  • Dos Rapture

    what would really be dope though is to have these reviews in audio hahaha

  • ok


  • anthony

    album is trash…ima kanye fan and 1: im tired of the 10 tracks albums, he’s been doing that for a while, i need 13-16 songs for my money, 2: no cover? thats weak, theres no “art” to it…3: these beats are not catchy, i cant play this shit in my car, the only song on the album thats worth bumpin in the whip is the second one..4: jcole shit is better…thats all i have to say, someone tell kanye he aint no fucking god, jay hold that title jay never dissapoint me when his album come out

    • GuyAboveIsAnIdiot

      This might be the worst, most moronic comment on here, and there are a lot of shitty ones.

  • EwuKing

    Lmao this review had me rolling. I like 8 out of the 10 tracks, hate 2 and love like 3. I got an open mind so I went into this without expectations and thought it was a good album. Not his best but for trying something new it’s good. Too short though. But I agree with a lot of the review.

  • Andy Selby

    Right now Kanye is simply a stain on the earth. If his brain-soul-spirit connection ever finishes, he will have a hard time believing he actually was the person he is now.

  • Rico

    Still too high of a rating for me.

  • Mas

    OMG….The biggest disappointment of my adult life. Ranks up there with no Santa Claus. Maybe it’s just a joke and the real joint will drop next month or something. Progessive or not…good music is good and this ain’t good music. Fuck you Def Jam for not laughing at Ye and telling him to do it over.

    • FAFA

      Exactly, don’t give this project props because it’s “different” and “a new sound”. Fuck that. “Maybe if I listen to it one more time it will be good”, yeah I thought the same thing with 808’s but this shit is even worse. The music sucks ass. Except Bound 2 (minus the chorus). Good thing is, the next album is probably a banger 🙂 0.5 slap

    • some dude

      yeah what’s with that random chorus? it’s like when your CD burner used to fuck up writing a pirated track and you’d get like, 2 seconds of way too loud garbage bursting in and out of a beautiful song. fuck that chorus.

  • true-uno

    I feel like the Blue Man Group gon hear this n be like YO LOOK AT THIS MUTHAFUCKA JACKIN OUR SHIT B… fuckin classic!

  • Jason Alexander

    I got a headache from reading this shit.

  • karima

    ghost !!! you are amazing .. great review and perspective .. now i wanna see you and a hipster do a side by side listen/review

  • tyrant the voice

    This album is a gay man’s Dark twisted fantasy!! Techno influenced all the way threw!!! it gets a 2.0 which means you would only like it if you knew him!!

    • GuyAboveIsAnIdiot

      Gay man? Anytime i’ve been to a club with a house/electro DJ I see more fine women than I do at a hip hop show.

    • tyrant the voice

      Wow!! Really? You mean he-she’s you thought was women!! See your maybe 16yrs.of age or even 18yrs. old but during the 90’s till now, cross-dressing homo’s and buttboys only dance to this bullshit but, gayness is even in those clubs you at, because you forgot to mention all the dikes that handcuff the girls in the club to!!!

  • DaGeneralPatton♑

    Good review. I listened to it 3 times. I give it a B-/C+. I probably will not listen to it again, on purpose…

  • Blackspade

    like in this age mutha fucka’s love being the gate keeper of wack shit and since when did people over 25 not no what good music sound like ,, kanye just making the shit that goes with his life style right now but failed his soulful listeners ,, but I’m sure millions of hipsters ,white kids mainly are gonna bump the hell out of new slave..and will never see the effortless beauty in bound 2,,like i loved common but hate the album he did with pharrell..i love ye but hate this album minus one song bound 2

  • Akello Light

    This LP is not made for black men who are being targeted by the government for free labor in the US prison system (check out Michelle Alexander). With that being said, I shall try (I stress this word) to keep it simple and use a laconic point of view. Rap nowadays is mainly based off European entertainment (To deep to explain if you don’t know). If you play basketball and remove dribbling, fouling and goal tending is it still basketball? It seems alot of color people in the USA (majority being the youth) would think it is still basketball (If you don’t understand this=STOP READING NOW and continue being a consumer). This is the perception that I used while trying to hear this LP. Thumbs up for Kanye for creating something that will be embraced in other countries within environments that most color people can’t afford or pronounce. I totally get it Kanye (let me jack or copy all the ish that is popping in Euro clubs,raves and just rap over it). Smart move and good hustle plan. But, this isn’t a good rap (I’m being friendly) LP at all Mr. West. This ain’t new either or groundbreaking (rather 4-5 years -out dated). Yes, European kids have been rhyming over beats like this for a good minute Kanye (In a Star & Buckwild voice…lol). On a great note, RAP is official DISCO/WHITE-OWNED (You know KK and her family popping bottles to this CD). On a bad note, color people only got drug addictions, their publishing took, their masters owned and wasted some of their valuable time listening to some straight BULLSHIT.

    HUGS TO YOU Kanye!
    Akello Light

    • Stephen Norris

      LMFAO, What?

      All your mental gymnastics can’t change the fact that this is a shit album. It’s just garbage. Sorry kid.

    • Loveandalchemy

      So pretty much you’re just some racist with no real view. That was just an exhausting way of saying you just have no REAL outlook on the album, but you’re happy that you think Kanye sold out. Good for you. Now go home, arrogant trash

    • Akello Light

      Actually LAA (How do you have alchemy in your name and don’t know this?)…interesting!

      Functional Definition Of Racism = White Supremacy = Apartheid: As a black behavioral scientist and practicing psychiatrist, my own functional definition of racism (white supremacy) is as follows: “Racism (white supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined; which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action, and emotional response, as conducted, simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth – a planet upon which the vast and overwhelming majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people.

      Frances Cress Welsing
      African American psychiatrist

    • Loveandalchemy

      Just stop. Your lengthy arguments prove nothing but your ability to type (but hey good for you). I described you as racist, by any accurate definition, because of your views that desire to look down on others based on opinion. “Color people” as you put it don’t deserve to be generalized THEN pitied and discriminated against by you or w/e asshole taught you this is rational behavior. Plus you’re boring.

    • Black Mamba

      Fuckouttahere. Laconic point of view?!? While some of what you’re saying is true, there doesn’t seem to be much focus with your words. I’m not sure what your overal point was. Meandering around like a blinded Panda, niccuh you surely sound exotic, but I’m still going to give you that one slap tho; for coining “laconic point of view”. GetOuttahere.

  • Josh Alley

    I couldn’t get through half of the review because of the coonish English. Mix in an education.

    • fosterakahunter

      “Are you new to Bigghost reviews, or just an idiot? I can speak the King’s English and read these reviews, with no problem.” I guess I had to post that again.

  • Evita

    First thing I thought of when I listened to Black Skinhead was, “Spartans aren’t Roman,” and “the boy in the Omen wasn’t possessed; that’s the Exorcist”.

    • Dope

      Roman numeral for 300 is CCC.. calm, cool, collected. Shits way over your head. I like what he did.. Most people won’t get it tho.. Smarten up peeps

  • damnson

    Definitely not a 3.5 by any means, more like a 2.5. Personally, I think New Slaves is dope and Bound 2 is obviously the best track on the album – other than those two, it all sounds pretty similar. Makes me wanna listen to Born Sinner to hear how it got 3 out of 5 though.

  • EbonyLolita

    You betta den me. I give it 2/5. This is what happens when your “creative child” was made fun of & not given any outlets. I normally f’with Kanye but this shit right here?! Can’t get over, around or down with. NOPE! Shit had me looking for some hip hop & my ass went & downloaded 1 Train on A$ap Rocky’s album. Shit ain’t the best but I’m from NYC & needed a hard beat to rock to in my car. Let’s see what Magna Carter has to offer since July 4th is around the corner.

  • Album is ass

  • blameus

    Great review. I think the rest of the summer will be spent by people trying to figure out where exactly in the spectrum of hip-hop this album will be placed. It’s not that these tracks are garbage or are horribly produced or executed. I’m just not sure what they’re doing on a Kanye album. Except for “Bound 2,” which is really what I’ve wanted all along: Kanye rappin about his life over colorful soul beats. Also wanted to point out the following, probably the best summation of Kanye I’ve read ’til this point:

    “You can proclaim this shit all you want but you jus a ni**a who kno how to hit some buttons on a machine that makes music REAL REAL good n can rap better than average but happen to got the decorum of a toddler b. Its like Kanye never stopped goin thru his terrible twos n shit. Son cant eem play a instrument or nothin like that or speak multiple languages so how he a GOD my ni**a? Im sittin here spinnin a vase from the Ming dynasty on my finger b. Fuckouttahere…”

  • TyCity

    Awesome grammar, I respect your opinions. lol

  • L

    BEST THING IN THE WORLD IS TO COME ONTO A COMMENT THREAD WHERE THERE IS INTELLECTUAL COMMENTARY ABOUT THE ALBUM/REVIEW! I’m truly shocked and enthused about the progression of hiphop right now reading y’alls comments. Every board is filled w/ name calling and b/s… this is dope.

    Now, the album creatively is pretty cool. Kanye is a pop/fashion/internet icon (undoubtedly), and so for him to try and reach push boundaries is cool. He’s at a high level of trend/pop culture we all want icons to revert, when they have to progress — which is a hard task, I believe.

    The lyrical content is disappointing for the most part — I wish he had some humble thoughts, doubts, storytelling… but no, just what I expected w/ the album title: an out of control ego. I liked most of the sound direction/beats. Bound 2, Blood On The Leaves… dope cuts. I think the 3.5 is right. But, for the most part — THIS IS NOT A HIPHOP ALBUM. It’s crazy when these artists transition (ex. Nicki Minaj) — even Big Pooh to the R&B sound with Foreign Exchange — and as they move away from standard hiphop sound everyone has a fit.

    Artistry should remain creative and malleable.

    I am a hiphop culturalist/purist — and I see the vision put forth — so I give Ye his props. But, surprisingly — Mac Miller’s album was like leaps and bounds better… I’m not a fan of Ye, Mac, or Cole… so…

    • Riddick Parker

      Great post. Is he really that egocentric? Perhaps Yeezus is flooded w/ satire? “I am a god, hurry up w/ my damn massage” must be a joke, right?

  • Marxizm

    I just finished listening to “Yeezus” for the fourth time and even though it’s not the catchiest album I still think its dope. I realized earlier that Kanye’s albums are parallels to Radiohead’s and “Yeezus” is his “King of Limbs”. Here’s the album list that supports my Kanye West/ Radiohead parallel album theory:

    “The College Dropout” / “Pablo Honey”
    “Late Registration” / “The Bends”
    “Graduation” / “OK Computer”
    “808s & Heartbreak” / “Kid A” and, or “Amnesiac” (both recorded during the same studio sessions)
    “Watch the Throne” / “Hail to the Thief”
    “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” / “In Rainbows”
    “Yeezus” / “The King of Limbs”

    • H2O

      Yeah, except Pablo Honey sucks while The College Dropout is a masterpiece and 808’s was mediocre while Kid A was revolutionary. All you did was managed to line the albums up neatly side by side.

  • dzynone

    Rather listen to ‘Through The Wire’ again. OK as a pop album. Wouldn’t call this Hip Hop. Not for me.

  • hateignorantnggs

    wish this was not so poorly written..

    • jamdownSQUAD

      this couldn’t have been written any better.


    Just for the record Daft Punk, Travis Scott, and a full of other producers handled the beats on this album … Just sayin … He hasn’t made his own beats in a minute.

  • Jcrewedup

    Where is all of this so-called “techno” on the album that people are complaining about? I listened to the album 3 times today and I didn’t hear any “techno.” There are definitely elements of Industrial Music on the album but, techno? Nope. Sorry. Not there.

    • LemmeSploogeOnU

      There are heavy electro elements.

    • Jcrewedup

      True. None of which are “techno.”

    • LemmeSploogeOnU

      lol electro falls under the landscape of dance music that is known to common people as “techno”. No need to be so uptight about getting genre influences exactly right, not everyone is that into music.

    • tycho

      You’re mixing it all up my friend, aiaiaiaiiiii

  • Karma

    what happened to old style of reviewing on OKP? Where you can get up to 100 and the reviewers actually sounded like they knew what they were talking about? But this album by Kanye has to be his worst, and I am a Kanye fan. Very sad day for Kanye fans… Ye’ is past his prime.

  • D-Money

    I think he gave it a 3.5 because what rapper is pushing the genre bounds like him? He acknowledges all of kanye’s fuck shit on this album too. This shit is different but you can tell it wasn’t slopped together.

  • Heatwolves

    love this album, glad it’s divisive like all art. also, to the author – are you The Kid Mero? If not, you’re seriously biting his style.

  • loudpacg

    Kanye album is the kind of shit white folks and weird ass black ppl will like…to me it’s trash..

    • R3aLdoe Foo


    • GuyAboveIsAnIdiot

      Word up yo us real hood thugs don’t listen to this we listen to french montana!!11!

    • thetruth

      im white and i hated it. good thing i downloaded this instead of buying this piece of garbage.

    • Derrick

      This is the most idiotic comment on here. Please do give us other examples of albums that “weird ass black ppl” would like. I’m curious.

  • EM

    I gave the shit 1.5 and I’m a Huge Kanye fan and I am being mad generous with that 1. It’s really a .5 for real.

  • Realllllly

    i think cudi had the better album lol. oh this is about kanye. my fault

  • Paris113

    Reading this review was hard!!!! I had to read it 3 or 4 times just to appreciate it. I agree with the view point but i hate the way its written…

  • sebastian

    I liked it, personal preference, opinion yo. People in the comments writing novels of hate n shit, if you like it for whatever reason, cool, if not, cool. no need to verbally smash shit with a brick, no one hears music the same u know what i mean? what mans trash is another mans treasure. like that on sight beat might be ass to some ppl but a work out song to others. so yeah, but as far as bars go i’d personally give it a straight 3/5, not to horrible but not that great or fully consistent. peace peace.

  • sebastian

    *one mans.

  • Dirk

    Yeezus left me starving for a breakbeat, put on some “Tougher than Leather” after listening to it.

  • established 1971

    Proclaiming Kanye as genius or even envelope-pusher is a self-indictment of the limits of your own intelligence. On some ‘well it’s beyond my level of creativity, therefore it must be genius’. But what boundaries have actually been pushed ? New rhythms ? Nope. New Tonalities ? Nope. New Time signatures ? Nope.

    “In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king”

    • Dirk

      Decent music with a wack rapper over it. He’s a producer; why can’t he put a little reverb or some subtle effect on his voice? What he’s kicking doesn’t need to feel so close to my ear.

  • UNCLEscr0_oge

    i think this review was 100% honest.. Im one of those dudes who was feeling it off tops, but i get what hes saying for those who dont.. I hated 808s and heartbreaks when it came out.. But it grew on me.. Kanyes on another level with this

  • booger

    why can’t you write these reviews in english?

  • twill

    Utter SHITE

  • twill

    Kanye West – a legend in his own living room

  • J

    Prodigy and ALC
    Albert Einstein Review??????

  • Cochise Harrison

    Bruh straight up, they say the nigga tryna be like Death Grips n shit. And if a nigga want to hear some mothafucking hip-hip death metal shit, that’s where I’ll go. This nigga just on some other shit to me.

  • jus10

    “Lyrically ain’t nothin on this song that son ain’t already said better on All Falls Down.” Co-Sign!

    …and major LOL at “but all I can picture is a seeded up Kim K wit her ORCA DRESS half off n a gagball n her mouth”

  • Glove

    This shit too fuckin loud! This ain’t heavy metal nigga, this HIP HOP!!!

  • Solomon

    this shit is WACK! appart from blood on the leaves. thats it!!

  • E.F. Cuttin

    3.5… maybe out of 10 slaps… but out of 5??? Nah fam… This shit is not eeem good enough 2 be a weedplate… Shit is a molly plate or some equally wack drug…

  • tim

    who ever wrote this bull shit ass review doesnt know lyrics nor common fucking sense

    • nigga

      shut up, tim

  • seendadream

    3.5 is too much….. 0.5 is right on the money.

  • Russell David

    yeezus is a one out of five.

  • Russell David

    i give it a solid 1 out of 5. that 1 point is for bound 2.

    also, in his kanye’s defense…. keepin it 300 like the roman’s doesn’t have anything to do with spartans or the movie 300. the roman numeral of 300 is CCC. CCC = cool, calm, & collected. he thinks he’s more of a genius because he makes lyrics “you really need to look into, and decode.” should just put that shit on the surface, though. trying to be jay z with that shit. at least jay z makes you dig deeper… for a DEEP meaning.

  • Slingshot

    Sounded like a fake-revolution, trying to be something thats its not, lets trash the sound with TASTELESS samples and wreck everything, maybe it will please the devil, but it sure aint doing anything else but hitting the bottom of the trash can for me. 1.5 Comets and not stars at best. I miss music.

  • reggie_said_so

    this guy’s “music” is worthless.

  • That girl MEL!

    ‘Bound 2’ is the ONLY song that’s worth ANYTHING on this project. Everything else is fake ‘high art’ which is really macaroni and construction paper put in a fancy frame.

  • Dan

    Kanye threw y’all a bone with Bound 2. Track is straight azz-cheeks tho. (Go give it a second listen right now and keep everything I’m about to write in mind.) Irrelevant vocal sample loop, no drums, wack lyrics all over the place (the vacation line was fire tho), weird pauses where he just growls BOUND… even Uncle Charlie’s feature feels out of place and ain’t about nothing in the song, on some Michelle Williams ish. Then the joint just kinda ended. “Jerome in the house, watch ya mouth” (2x) what the hell?

  • okun

    I might be jaded. I been to too many “real hiphop” related events that were really sausage fests. Stop being selfish! “Oh, it’s not hiphop!” So what? Why he gotta do what you want him to do?? And you basically just wanna punish him because it don’t suit your needs by saying it sucks. Do you listen to music or do you just skim thru it? The shit cranks and he poured his heart out on it. Y’all don’t get it. It’s music. It’s bigger than hiphop. Genre labels are limiting.

  • Riddick Parker

    Probably the best album we’ll hear all year. Took me several listens: 1st Listen – This is bs? 2nd- What was he thinking? 3rd This is not bad. 4th: Praise Yeezus!

    This album challenged me, exposed me, upset me, entertained me and inspired me. Sad many of my contemporaries are so caught up in hearing the same ol’ shit on the radio every day that the unfamiliar is automatically classified as bad. Do yourself a favor, sit with this one before you write it off. 4.5

  • Ace

    How you gonna run this wack shit through the sewer and then pull it out calling it 3.5? That’s a 7 outta 10, B!

    This album is straight trash, no possible way this gets more than a 2, and that’s just because it’s making wonder about what’s next, and he better deliver some magnificent shit.

  • Kalm

    I get what you mean and would probably respect your opinion more if you at least had a sense of grammar and vocabulary. I’m sure you could have put your “slang” away for this review, so people don’t think your a retard or something.

    • Just Sayin.


  • Marquis A. Crews

    Bound 2 makes up a lot of ground for his “ground breaking” approach. It’s a lot of garbage in the game but at least he can pull the “art” card and not the straight commercial non sence. I can’t really fuck with the album but Bound 2 let’s you know the nigga is only part insane… #focusnexttimeYe…


    The feminist Penguin in a Tim Burton Batman sequel and shit

  • Michael Di Gennaro


  • Guns

    Lmao this niggas blog is weak i gave this muthafucka a chance and read through his shit what kind of soft ass sprinkle in his veins ass nigga hides behind a blog and constantly throws hate at other artist..now I’m not sayin i dont agree with alot of the shit hes sayin i just feel like son is pussy..only bitches throw hate on niggas who dont know em lmao but thats all ima say joe…

  • Guns

    And before my last comment is deemed wrong..lemme explain I’m just a nigga who feel like son is throwin hate for no reason at most of these niggas..and on those terms do we really need more hate in our music on some real shit a real nigga would just be like.. This shit didnt rock with me or some shit like that..i just think its funny how it goes straight to calling niggas names and shit lmao

  • gorge jung

    Snoop has not been listenable since Tha Last Meal. Everything else after has been some corny ass BS.

  • Billy Bad A**

    I don’t care how many envelopes he’s pushing & what he’s supposedly trying to accomplish, the goal should be to make incredible music which that album isn’t in terms of Hip-Hop. First off its house/electronic music IT AIN’T NOTHING LIKE HIP-HOP MUSIC, it’s straight wack. That entire album is made for some dudes rocking tight lil leather shorts w/boots on dancing w/a gimp that’s wearing a leash around his neck. GTFOH Canned-yeast infection West!!!

  • ak

    I cannot believe the post here and how stupid fucked up and dumbed down the world has become. The album is straight up genius and possibly one of the best things i have ever heard, no frontin, and i dont need to explain my credentials to any one of yall. And this aint no, me tryina pretend i get it so i look cool, or sayin its cool cos its cool in some weird way… Its dope because ITS FUCKING DOPE. Anyone whos anyone who knows sumthin about sumthin feels this shit. From Rubin to Kweli to Timbaland to Diddy to Rakim to old school legends like Lou Reed who been doin this music shit for 40 years and im sposed to listen to some hatin ass bedroom mufukas who done nuthin for nobody. Fuck outta here. Grow some culture in your veins, this nigga the new age james brown, michael jackson and j dilla. If you dont like it you dont like it, but to call it shit makes u a hatin bitch who cant recognise ability. Damn.



  • Jewbacca

    Bound 2 was soooooooo dope, if he could just get back to that for 10 songs or shit man do half and half, half the electro shit and half Bound 2, I need more Ye please

  • Jewbacca

    It was a lot better than 808s, but not better than anything else he’s done

  • Jewbacca

    I think the key to Kanye is he needs to get back together with that one bitch, then the good music comes back

  • Jewbacca

    KANYE YOU CAN’T sing, you are flat it doesn’t sound good get lessons or something

  • Jewbacca

    BAHAHAHAHA DEAD This shit sound like ART…n Ion mean that as a compliment bruh. I feel
    like the Blue Man Group gon hear this n be like YO LOOK AT THIS

  • Kendall Walls

    Respect the opinions here

  • D-dub

    I give that shit 1 banana out of 10

  • bajs

    The language that you used in this review gave me cancer.

  • Andrew Almond

    I think there’s a debate to be had between “Eh, maybe it’ll grow on me.” and “Do I even want this ish to grow on me??”

  • rklump