Jimmy Fallon The Roots + The cast of Sesame Street

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots join Big Bird, Elmo and the rest of the gang to remix Sesame Street‘s time-honored theme song. Their performance in the Late Night Music Room kicked off with an intro from the Count and featured Jimmy Fallon out front with Zoe on wood block and hand cymbals, respectively. ?uestlove, James Poyser and Kamal held down the melody on kazoo, xylophone and melodica for what would turn out to be a great rendition of the classic tune. Black Thought brought the performance home with a great hip-hop breakdown. Not to be outdone, however, Abby Cadabby chimed in on the rhyme while Cookie Monster captured the whole thing on his camera phone. Check the footage below to watch Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performing the Sesame Street theme with the whole gang. Stay tuned for more awesome from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and The Sesame Workshop.


  • this is not the long version i was expecting but i still fux with it. Black Thought’s verse was fire!!

    • Dave

      ^ unreal verse

  • Kitty Pandemic

    When great things come together…
    Loved it!!!!!

  • Anthony

    at 12 noon they were just under 25K views at 1:30p they are around 70K!

  • Taihair Djehuty

    Who wrote this article’s title? With “the Muppets?” LOL

    • OBKB

      They’re called the Sesame Street Muppets. Always have been always will be.

    • Mike U

      No one named Taihair should be poking fun at what things are named. They’ve been called The Muppets for at least 40 years, some smarter person than me can come up with a better figure I’m sure.

    • Taihair Djehuty

      You’re either young, stupid, or both. I wasn’t laughing at them being named “The Muppets.” I was laughing because there is another Puppet grouped officially called The Muppets, which were though actually created by the same person.

    • J

      They’re the same Muppets – Kermit was actually on both The Muppet Show and Sesame St if you recall correctly..

  • Robert

    they should do a “Fat Albert” Remix!!!

  • Scooter

    made me smile I needed it!

  • Beyond awesome — props to whoever came up with the idea to do this

  • Atiramlam

    …of course you covered this… <3

  • nos

    I was a little worried about Black Thought during the intro. He looked like he wasn’t feelin it. He was like, “These fools got me on national TV with PUPPETS???? Where did I go wrong???” But then he loosened up and flowed nicely.

  • Andrew Pogue

    Stupid Suri didn’t help me get there at all.

  • elle

    This is stupid video is like the best thing ever since Jesus.