Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail MCHG

Ayo whattup you now back in the presence of the great n powerful Thor Molecules aka Broccoli Bundles aka Shampoo Bracelets aka the infamous Cocaine Biceps aka the magnificent Phantom Raviolis…probably most famously known as the one n only mighty Hands Of Zeus or ya man Big Ghost. Much love to all these pieces that make up the whole jigsaw puzzles namsayin. Ion fuck wit no corny muthafuckas… so if you dont consider yaself amongst them lame ass dickriders who cant form a constructive thought on they own n be gettin emotionally bent outta shape when they favorite artist drops a brick n start blamin anybody but the ni**a who jus put out that trash in the first place n instead gotta start directin they anger at the world while turnin theyselves into a human shield around that ni**as ballsack then Ion mean you, aight. But if you DO sit around defendin artists who dont een kno you exist n ya only satisfaction be comin from shit like when the muthafucka screams out “I LOVE YALL” at his shows or hashtags #TeamWhateverWhatever n you take that shit as a personal thank you for holdin the ni**a down then yeah I mean YOU muthafucka. YOU might feel a connection wit that artist…n maybe after supportin his grind for years you start to feel like the shit is mutual…but that dude could very well walk right past you or give you the coldest “ni**a please” glare if you ask for his autograph or a quick picture n keep on steppin like you a complete fuckin nobody…especially if it aint no cameras round to capture that shade nahmean. But if you think cuz you got a picture of his face on ya lockscreen that some fairy godmother gon whisper that shit into his ear at night n make it so yall gon magically meet at a Krispy Kremess n become BFFs off the strength that you a creepy ass stalker who memorized all the ni**a lyrics n got the cover of his first album tatted across ya back then you need to humbly have a seat or a hundred n reevaluate ya life yo. You think any rap ni**a (or singer, or performer of any kind) gives a fuck bout you specifically tho? You a dime a dozen ass muthafucka to him b… Like you might could relate to that shit… You might say DAMN I SURE LOVE RICE…I LOVE ALLLLLLLL THIS RICE…but do you ever stop n isolate one grain of rice outta the whole bowl n nod ya head n think to yaself…MY NI**A.. THANK YOU SPECIFICALLY FOR ALL THE SHIT YOU DONE FOR ME YOU GLORIOUS GRAIN OF RICE YOU…??? Nawwww. Matter fact all that rice you love so much whether its some soft fluffy rice from a thai restaurant or jus some regular ol Uncle Bens converted shit is only gon mean so much to you b. You might LOVE it… but if some of that rice fall on the floor you dont think to yaself I REALLY REALLY WISH THAT THEY AINT HADDA GO OUT LIKE THAT…cuz they a dime a dozen to you bruh. So next time you runnin round jumpin in front of bullets for ya idol n gettin thrown in a verbal yoke over some bullshit somebody said bout him that got you tight n had you flappin ya jibbs to the wrong muthafucka n maybe even catchin a bad one on his behalf…pump ya brakes son.

All that bein said Imma come correct n tell yall right now that Hov probably my favorite rapper ever b. Yall thinkin FUCK THIS SHIT THIS NI**A BOUT TO BE BIASED THAN A MUTHAFUCKA… But truth be told…that dude done had his fair share of missteps…like I fucks wit his music heavy but he aint perfect neither. Son done made some trash ass songs (Whattup “Sunshine” n “Reminder”)…he dropped two weed plates wit Kells…he introduced the world to the Amil struggle…he tried to make Memphis Bleek a household name for somethin other than bein the worlds most popular weed carrier…n even tho he still sold mad units his albums since he came outta retirement never really captured the greatness of his pre-Kingdom Come joints…minus maybe American Gangster…n if we talkin collabs then the Watch The Throne joint (which was also the first real introduction to the NEW Jay-Z) was definitely official. You might think Jay was always on that luxury shit but he also knew how to balance the shit out wit some introspective thoughts n gave yall those glimpses of the realities of the hustler lifestyle nahmean…from “Can’t Knock The Hustle” to “99 Problems.” It was always em two sides to the ni**a namsayin. But the corporate Jay aint set foot on a grimy ass street corner in damn near forever nahmean… Last time he was in the hood he had Oprah Winfrey wit him bruh. He dont go to little ass house parties.. he attendin soirees n galas wit muthafuckas who blow what you make in a year on brunch namsayin. Fuckouttahere. He coppin priceless artwork that you would think was worthless n hangin wit that chick from Coldplay… He coppin 1/500,000th of a basketball team n becomin the face of the organization… He shakin hands wit the President n gettin crowned king in Africa n shit like that. But thats the evolution b. Son done already told yall if you want his old shit cop his old albums. But Imma keep it 1,000,000 HUNNA wit yall…lotta that has to do wit the fact that son can’t do what he use to do. He ain’t been hungy like that since he dumbed down for his audience n doubled his dollars. Anyways yo.. the point is I think Hov a living legend n probably top 3 ever but I aint gon pat son on the back for some lackluster shit. But yo lets get into this shit one time. Shouts to okayplayer. You kno what it is…

The views n what have you in this muthafucka is all my owns…so that aint in no way a reflection of nobody other than myself n whatever else b. No other man or woman or child represented heretofore n such hereby is sharin the opinion of the gentleman who be sayin the shit contained within namsayin. This muthafucka do be containin foul language n shit that might offend small children n old people n shit too. It should be noted by all those who is present today here today before God that yall here on ya own accord n if anybody not cool wit that they should leave now or forever hold they peace…

1. “Holy Grail” (f/ Justin Timberlake) – First off I wanna say big ups to Jay for ignorin the obvious but corny option he had to call this album Magna CARTER Holy Grail. Had this been Nas we already kno he woulda done some shit like MagNAS Carta.. or whatever. But yo…back in ’96 after hearin “Pain In Da Ass” on the intro for Reasonable Doubt Ion think anybody coulda guessed that someday son woulda had the little curly blonde cracker from the Mickey Mouse Club n future Britney Spears ex doin the intro on his 12th solo joint but HEY thats the beauty of music bruh. After like13 mins of JT croonin his heart out the beat kicks in n OHMAHHGAWDSON the shit slaps like a muthafucka..Im like GATDAMM YO… I mean I knew after seein the game 5 Samsung hijack durin the finals (we not callin that shit a “commercial” or any kinda “ad” b…ni**as dropped a 3 minute mini-documentary in the middle of one of the biggest basketball games of the year…thats hijackin the airwaves yo) that the “overweight” gallon of punch packin n banana inhalin (pause) Timbaland who made “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” n “Big Pimpin” was back in effect… Like I realize Timbo wanna redeem hisself for what we jus gon start referrin to as “The BP3 Debacle” n shit but the ni**a took it to the next level on this joint… Only problem was after Hov gets his Hov on for a quick 16 its like another 5 mins of JT singin n then again for like 17 mins at the end of the track. Somebody needs to reintroduce theyself to the “less is more” concept again yo. I mean no disrespect to Justin but ni**as waited 4 years for a new solo album from Jigga…nobody tryna hear a 72 bar hook from ANY these feature ni**as right now. Ion care if Marvin Gaye hisself rose from his grave n brought MJ n Whitney wit him…Imma be like YALL SOME LEGENDS N I LOVE YALL BUT YALL GON HAVE TO FALL BACK N LET THIS MAN SPIT RIGHT NOW CUZ HE BEEN AWAY FOR A HOT MINUTE YO… But all that shit is minor. From what I heard The-Dream had a lot of this song done before Timbo or Jay did they thing on this…so my hats gotta come off for that muthafucka too since it was basically his joint. I fucks wit this tho.




  • The Greatest

    Rating this album on the HOV spectrum makes sense to give this 4 slaps b, but compared to the other albums of the summer, this shit deserves 4.5 imo… Good shit though. I think it’s his 4th or 5th best album he’s ever put out yo.

    • Homegrown Chicks

      Exactly!! When you compare this album to everything else in the market, it’s superior! It’s his third best album in my opinon, Blueprint, American Gangster, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

    • The Greatest

      Bruh, you must not have heard Reasonable Doubt or TBA, but I agree that in the market of HIP-HOP, this shit is superior to everything mainstream this summer so far.

    • Homegrown Chicks

      Reasonable Doubt is good lyrically, I think American Gangster eclipses that album lyrically as well as production wise. I don’t like The Black Album, at all.

    • The Greatest

      I don’t think any other Jay fan would take AG over RD tho, but aight, everyone’s got an opinion.

    • The Answer

      you’re crazy what’s not to like about The Black Album? I understand its your opinion but you might be the only person in the world who thinks this release is better than Black Album or Reasonable Doubt. oh well

  • doke

    dope review. nice explanation of how it earns 4th.

  • Joe LaBella

    “Gone and have another big ass swig of that fruit punch my n***a..” lmao. But in all honesty another dope review. The recap at the end is always my favorite part.

  • Thomas Gregersen

    Big Ghost is usually on point but 4 out of 5 is too damn much IMO. Maybe I just expected more from somebody i’ve idolized for more than a decade but I think this album is a huge disappointment

    • CB

      expected more in terms of what? You must be referring to lyrics. Lemme make it simple for ya. Like Jay said, you want the old Jay, go buy his old shit. Its 2013. I feel like Jay has rapped about any and everything the world has to offer from his perspective.

      He obviously dumbed down his lyrics to double his dollars which should be a plus since he called that move on the Black Album. But hey, its working. This song is full of hits and endless quotables. For music that is put out in today’s retarded age of hip hop, this is by far the best effort in an album that sits on the shelves alongside J-Cole’s “Born Sinner”.

      Look at Nas when he dropped Life Is Good. Sure, its the same Nas we all love but look how the album is collecting dust on the shelves. Look how no one really praised it for being a great album. It’s kind of like a baker that makes cakes. Yea, the “traditional” cake with no flare has always been cool, but now the game has changed and you need to keep folks interested.

      Jay crossed over into today’s realm of music flawlessly and for someone who came into hip hop in the early 90’s era and STILL has the capability to pose a threat to today’s hottest bunch, is beyond a great in my book. This album deserves a 5 out of 5.

      Don’t slight the album because “it isnt the old Jay”. Recognize it for what its worth in today’s age and by who it came from as well as the effort. Arguably the BEST album of 2013. Guaranteed.

      Long Live Hov, the Pharoah of Rap! #MCHG

    • Rico

      Y’all writing books in the comment section, I’ll holla though.

    • Vinnie Babs

      Seriously? The best? I mean I agree that it is a decent album and some people don’t really like it because it is not Reasonable Doubt Jay or even the much more recent American Gangster Jay but it is not the best. For a start, Ka’s album dropped couple of days ago and is easily better in my opinion and will easily contend for top 5 albums of the year. There was Action Bronson with Saaab Stories which I think is on par with MCHG and there is still hyped possible contenders like Doris, Oxymoron, Old and some other shizz that is going to be released that will probably also contend for best album. In my opinion, I just don’t think that MCHG will be able to even contend. 3.8/5 for me.

    • The Answer

      hahaha “Arguably the BEST album of 2013” you’re a damn fool. Keep listening to the mainstream. He had nothing interesting to say, but the production was aiight. Average album at best…keep eating out of Shawn’s hand.

  • red

    I don’t fucks with the score but I always love the jewels. And speaking of those I wonder what kinda shit the beats from Run The Jewels makes a motherfucker like you wanna do…

  • oh

    This album and this review go together. Pretentious AF.

  • beardogomez

    Don’t care for this album,

  • E.F. Cuttin

    I agree wit the 4/5 rating, the album bangs.. Man look, Jay told yall 10 years ago he was dumbing it down, welp, its 10 years later and Chief Keef is in some 90’s baby’s Top 10 DOA, so now he jus sounds like a better version of Keef Future and all the niggas who people are spending money on…Shit, wait till Kweli does it in the next 5 years…

    • adam pitterson

      I dont get how yall respect a nigga tellin u, ur a moron to ya face. Its watever tho…ill take a sha stimuli mixtape over this shit any day

  • drew

    BBC and La familia are so horrible that it can’t be higher than 3.5

    • Homegrown Chicks

      You really don’t know music!

  • westsidemoe

    album is cool, not great, review is funny as fuck, exactly what i expected!

  • Nero

    The album is unfortunately horrible. Extremely superficial, no wit or depth to Jay’s lyricism, carried by above-average production. Put it in the recycle bin right next to Kingdom Come. The review’s pretty funny though. Big Ghost delivered.

  • Stankylegs

    This is hilarious. I love Pretty Toney.

  • EwuKing

    Yo this review is that exact feeling I had for this album, cept I fucks with La familia and I’m not too into Versus or Part 2. I don’t think anyone fucks with BBC. Beach is Better, better be a full track soon ,that shit goes HAM.

    • Homegrown Chicks

      I fux with BBC and I HATE Beach is Better, I think he should have left if off the album. It’s the only joint I skip.

    • EwuKing

      Man I don’t know how you hate that track. The only thing I dislike about it is that it’s too short. Jay should do a full version it goes hard. But to each their own.

  • Rosey

    Nigga if you are a jay z fan…your whole review that u wrote is not relevant…MCHG was trash…it was the worst album jay has ever came out wit…all yall jay z fans are playing yall selves and sucking his balls way too hard…big ghost u were not on point and u know it…Jay is feeling himself way too much…and thats gonna be his downfall…2 0utta 5…and im being nice…actually sit there and listen to the album through…it is not a good album…

    • Big Baby Jesus

      Yeah man, I remember when Hov was so humble.

    • The Greatest

      Honestly yo, you’re acting like there was a point in time Jay WASN’T feeling himself… He been feeling himself since RD, if you gonna hate on MCHG for THAT reason you needa get the fuck out… Shit was way better than BP3 or Kingdom Come, like WAY better just on production value… Lyrically it’s inconsistent, so it all depends on how much you value lyrics b.

  • tom

    love how everyone talks like BG down here….its like they can’t get his style out of their head

  • The Greatest

    God damn, alotta people hating on MCHG… Y’all want him to rap about the struggle and the come up AGAIN? I thought this shit BANGS for what it is, which is opulent, hedonistic, self-celebration rap yo… If you mad that Jay’s not rapping about how hard his life is, idk why you gave the album a shot in the first place… Of course this shit isn’t Reasonable Doubt or Blueprint, Jay got nothing left to prove. Tom Ford and that Ross joint bangs, Picasso, Heaven and Somewhere In America are dope… Except for La Familia and that mistake BBC (I thought La Familia was actually ight tho), there’s no tracks that I’d skip if it came on. Except for Jay’s Top 3 Albums (Black Album+Blueprint+RD), none of HOV’s work been flawless, and that’s too much to ask of anyone yo. Solid, solid release, idk why y’all acting like he just dropped the 2nd coming of Kingdom Come…

    • bakari7

      We don’t want him to rap about the “struggle” again, but he could rap about something other than materialism. Motherfuckers be wanting artists to pigeonhole themselves & shit.

    • CB

      The only thing that sells today IS materialism. Tell me I’m lying. Nas didn’t do numbers on “Life Is Good”. The age of conscious heartfelt rap is over. You think Snoop would still sell if he was still talking about banging and bitches in 2013?
      Either way you look at it, they will talk about what they do and see everyday. The essence is still in his music. He’s grown and he has stupid money now.
      You’re telling me, that if you had hundreds of millions of dollars sitting on top of a hundreds of millions of dollars, you would still be breezing through the McDonalds drive-thru in your 201 Ford Focus? Fuck outta here.
      When you have money, you gonna spend money. If you got money, then you’re gonna talk money.

      My dude rapped about the struggle and coming up for how many years while in his 20’s-30’s. Now he made it and is living his life as a Boss should. There’s something wrong with him talking about Boss shit? That’s his life now.

      Jay is the only rapper to succeed this long through multiple eras of rap and still be the top boss. Even at age 43

    • I don’t recall the numbers but Life Is Good debuted at #1, and it was a summer release, much like MCHG and Yeezus.

    • adam pitterson

      So bcz That sells, we should suck jay off and say its good? The slapchop sold units, that aintits better than a cuisineartan itd

    • Making the numbers doesn’t necessarily translate into good. Looking at the state of the hoods in this country, maybe somebody needs to be talking about something other than materialism.

    • 2theMax sneakers

      We just want him to spit instead of that “3 words, uh……3 words uh” for 45 minutes, come on, and then we still get the fucking 11 minute breaks and intro’s, foh, I get tired just listening to it. Good HipHop for me is you put on the track in the morning or the car and just go: “Raaah” not this tired old man “Leather pants & gotta a Lambo in the driveway” bullcrap.

    • tblack301

      Yo your comment is on point. I love the way cats are scared to not be down with his camp.

  • jake

    Ever since the GKMC review all anyone seems to care about is the score and not the knowledge you’re dropping. It’s a damn shame.

  • troubleman81

    IMO…..YDHO. (lyrics are dumbed down) for who? Obviously not the masses of people that are buying THIS album. This album and the lyrics aint aimed at the hip-hop fans, its aimed at society, the industry, even “the mainstream”. For the fans its a tool (like many of you). “Pay attention and you might learn somethin”. This album is waaaaay over most of ya’ll heads cuz the surface bs aint the surface no more. Its not about the fly shit, the i got money, i buy art and my baby got art too shit. Read a lyric or 2, google the shit. Ax sumbody wit the MCHG app to let u read the lyrics. Can u break down any of the lyrics for “ocean” or “f.u.t.w” or “somewhereinamerica”? I aint even a big jay z fan but aint shit wrong wit my hearing or ability to comprehend. Its easy to say an album is great when everybody else is saying it to. So none of u are sayin anything by repeating shit like jay best albums are reasonable, bp, and black. Everybody knows that and puttin it on repeat dont mean anything. Those albums were very simple lyrically, you aint need an understanding outside the street or rap/hip hop to know what he was talkn. But now u need to be a lil smarter, the lyrics aint good, shits sub-par and all types of weak. And if u dnt know bout the 80’s u wouldnt get the song BBC anyway…. “b-boy drug dealer look….billionaire”. Watch paid in full, even look at eric b. & rakim album covers…..b-boy drug dealer look. Ya’ll sound like pre-colour tv mf’s sayin it was better in black n white. Its art, its supposd to be colourful. God bless u ignit s.o.b.’s

  • Audio Porn Star

    Lets be real, comparing albums of the past to present is redundant because its what? The past. Its also based on personal opinion, so whats the basis of criteria? People say its not deep lyrically deep or that its shallow, but track by track deeper look will show otherwise. As Ghost pointed out there is deeper jewels in most songs and alot goes waaay over peoples heads. Smarten up or stay complacent

    • Dirk

      Rap technique hasn’t advanced since the mid 90s, so it’s more like comparing present to present.

    • Bankhead

      Comparisons between an works displays the individuals growth. The biggest question is rightfully so! Was there growth?

  • Jimmy Williams

    Jay said the reason Beach is Better is so short is because that how he feel about vacations… JUST WHEN IT GET GOOD THEN…. Fuck it’s over!

    • adam pitterson

      Remind this nigga jay that vacations are usually a week long..

  • Artois

    Tom Ford comments made me laugh out loud! As always entertaining. Hey, It’s just one mans opinion. Speaking of which… Takeover beats Ether!!?? In what parallel universe son!??? GTFOHWTBS!!!

    And yes we all know Nas would have bodied Picasso!!

    • thabo

      am suprised nobody else noticed that lie “takeover above ether” thats sum crazy shit

  • phonics

    This is not written in english… grating!!!

    • Somedude

      “FUCK you, phonics”. How’s that for english?

  • ¿Hoo’KraZe?

    Before this, Kingdom Come was the worst album Jay put out. MCHG sucks. It may only sound good to some of y’all because, what else is there in hip hop right now? Down south is trappin a mufucka to death, I don’t know how much more 808’s, synthesizers, and hi-hat rolls my brain can take. The other biggest name poppin outta NY is French Montana. Where the kcuf are the emcees??? Hip hop is dry as kcuf right now and the fans are settling.

  • am

    OH My Goodness! I felt the same way about the BBC track. I know they were having fun and all because that’s what friends do. But I could hear NAS going in on Picasso or any other song. But this was a great review.

  • Neal Hoogenboom


  • The Answer

    So you basically gave Timbaland and the producers of this album a 4 of 5. Fine. Jay-Z had little to say that was interesting. You said that yourself. I think 4 is way too generous. I’d given it a 3.5 because the production was solid nothing special at all.

  • Adrian Marcus

    4/5 is def accuarate. This nigga Ghost be killing me with these reviews,though lmao


    I think Ghost was totally on point with this one. I have been a Ye fan since the very beginning but that Yeezus was subpar in my opinion and it is not messing with this MCHG at all. Having said that I definitely don’t think this was Jay’s best work.

  • JZA

    This nigga is shitting on the album and closing with ‘I fuck wit this shit’. WTF. Jigga is laizy as fuck, the beats are some on some dubstep nintendo shit. I want that shit compared to Life is good, and know what is real, sonically. It doesnt even stand a chance versus albums like Common, Talib Kweli, or “12 reasons to die”. This album is trash like Britney spears hair.
    What in the glory hole of all dirt whore did this nigga pick up his crack to trip about this shit. Jay is known for sharp lyrics and ball punching niggaz in the nuts. There was no diss song, no fighting scene, no fuck you lil wayne on top of rick ross, I’m here to get this coast back. Nada…
    Nigga did this shit for Obama’s cabinnet like, I can be white too. I fuck with illuminatis and name my daughter poison ivy, so niggaz can’t touch her, like Obama’s daughters.
    WTF is this shit, Nigga Ghost really dick ride this nigga till he bust a nut in his liver.
    Big dissapointed.

  • Barry Jordan

    Dude, FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt is the worst song on this LP, it’s everything that is wrong with Rap today. Corny ass beat and featuring Rick Ross. This beat sound like 20,000 other on the radio, it’s boring! Thank you for listening

    • RickySpanish

      Thank you, gd I swear no one else sees this

    • tblack301

      No we see it fam. It’s just that since 97 payola is legal again and Sony is force feeding people like they are plugged into the Matrix. It’s an overused expression but cats are really brainwashed.

    • nej

      your sooo right no weak asses. only the strong ones make the world go around.



    • Rico

      That’s what happens when you let rick Ross on your song.
      They’ll learn soon enough.

  • ms.galaxy

    love this BG! will you marry me? j/k…. i do want to make one comment. i’m an american spending lots of time on the north northside aka t.o. and i’ve started to see how much people in toronto work on hip hop.
    i know lots of people who’ve paid crazy dues are not happy to see a 16 yr old getting a beat on a jay album. but….what they don’t see is that people on the ground here have been paying dues for 20 years so that a 16 yr old can get a beat on a jay album. the people that taught Wundergrl, the dudes organizing battles year after year, hell the promoters bringing acts and having parties…
    up here, it’s kinda like the whole city just placed a beat. (i’m sure there are some cats that are like wtf…but yea the pride in Wundergrl is pretty high right now..). They just want to see the community recognized. I know there are places all over where people are working to get their communities recognized. I do have mad respect for the work that’s been done in t.o. I got mad respect for you too BG! 😉

  • Emmanuel Abreu

    I think its crazy that it really sounds like “Big Ghost” really does not like the album, but always finishes the review with “I f*cks with it though” or something like that for safety. Nah man, be real, f*ck all these industry dudes and say what you wanna say. This album was a piece of crap with dope beats. It was like listening to a cash money record from back in the day.
    Re: MCHG

    Its not about what you say, its how you say it. If you’re not creative AT ALL and basically just telling everyone that you are so much better than them, why the f*ck should we give you more money? Its like going to Donald Trumps house and giving him money just cuz.

  • tjay214

    Fuck wat yall talking about mchg go ham!!!”…even thou i feel like the black album was his best even more than resonable doubt jayz still got them lyrics..like “oceans” the christopher we acknowlegde is wallace i dont even like washingtons in my pocket black card go hard when im shoppin…jayz best of all time

  • hä?

    voll anstrengend zu lesen …

  • Sharty

    So, “nigga” is censored in this review, but curse words are okay. I don’t get that. As far as Magna Carta Holy Grail goes, the album is okay at best. A three out of five, maybe. Yet, as I said on Twitter, Jay is way too lazy on this shite. It makes me sad.



  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    This is the most accurate review of this album i have read anywhere…real talk!

    • Los21

      Yea too bad he dnt get too many other albums rite

  • thabo

    This album is good, i agree, but I’d give it 3.5/5. the beats are mostly on point, but the lyrics… he aint saying shit normal people can relate to. Not all of us are rich, not all of us know art, he is rapping and putting out an album intended for us to buy, why would we buy it yet we dont understand the content? that rick ross song is not good, ross makes it wack. that lafamilia suppossedly a diss to wayne aint good. that song with beyonce aint good.

    rest of the track are either good or aight. he hyped us up way too much to give us what he gave us. and no he didnt dumb down, he grew older and lost his touch, I aint even mad at him, it happens.

    i know a whole lotta people be calling a classic and whatnot, but it definately aint that imo.

  • Phil

    oh man.. “sheep count J.Cole when they be havin trouble sleepin…” FUCK! i died in the middle of class to that shit. man, i love these reviews. i can agree with some of the comments. Jay didn’t go in as lyrically as other albums, but it’s a great listen.

    Ghost, please dont EVER stop with the reviews.. classic!

  • Derrick Miller

    I’m disappointed with this one, Ghost. It seems like a bit of the Hova stan shone through. The beat goes hard on “Holy Grail”? What? Forreal? The first thing I pictured was that shit playing while a bunch of cheerleaders danced during a timeout at the Laker game. That beat sounds like some discarded shit from that old Bad Boy white girl group Dream, like Diddy handed the masters over to Timb and said “yo, this is some Nashiem Myrick shit leftover from ‘Life After Death’ but I’ll let you have it and put your name on it for a discount price.”

  • Big Tone

    This album is a weed plate. Oceans is the dopest song on the album hands down because of the beat and hook not Jay. Hova dont have it anymore. hes not hungry and his songs show it. The worst is probably Holy Grail featuring JT. 2 out of 5. Big Ghost get off ya fav rappers nuts and be real.

  • Big Tone

    Dudes said it all and done it all twice. He’s like the Simpsons and needs to be canceled. Leave hiphop alone homey. Branch out. Go be a business, sports agent, daddy etc.

  • klasyk

    HG is wack, while he done had fire singles his BEST album is Reasonable Doubts….Jay got BK, but give me Frank White…ya’ll know who would have been the head of the “comission” , had it formed

  • Groupie Love

    The dickriding is strong with this one.

  • adam pitterson

    Im reading all these comments on a rap blog and ppl are saying lyrics dont matter…smh

  • Wil_773

    That Magna Crata album is 2.5/5. The production is just okay. There’s nothing soulful or ill about the production. Is it wack? No. But is it anything next level or memorable? No.
    Jay sounds better over soulful shit. He needs No ID; Just Blaze; and Kanye ASAP!
    Ok- the production can be argued left and right: but the lyrics? OMG! The rhymes are embarrassingly subpar. I think Jay needs to break out a pen and a pad. That no written shit ain’t gettin it any more. Remember those “rewind that” moments when listening to new albums? Well guess what? THERE WERE NONE ON THIS ALBUM.
    Big Ghost needs to be slapped giving that shit 4/5. Jay needs his ass kicked saying this album is fighting for fourth place: get the fuck on w/ that! Top 4 Jay LP’s: Reasonable Doubt; Blueprint; Black Album; and Hard Knock Life. Collaboration or not- some of his best verses was on Roc La Familia.
    This is a weak album- and the only way Jay will step his game up is if people quit praising every little thing he does (when it’s not deserved).
    Somebody call Ski Beats! Premeire get off your ass and submit tracks on time! Where’s Clark Kent? Can we finally get a Pete Rock track?
    Jay needs to rebound quick. With these subpar rhymes: I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANYONE SAY HE’S THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE.
    He’s still one of my favorite MC’s- but I keep it honest.

  • Scalawag62

    I’m not a hundred percent sure her can write a cohesive, literate sentence let alone critique someone-else like the annoying ass of a celebrity known as jay-Z

  • D.j. West

    “Shit is like if somebody offer you a glass of water n you like NAH I ALREADY READ A BOOK.” I’m still dying…

  • pank

    Maybe we need some definitions: mediocrity, art, illusion, ad some geopolitical info….but I am so confuse…what Magna Carta has to do with a mainstream rap? Why would you present yourself and your wife as gods, and then complain about it? You didn’t have to do that. Yet you did. You spreading wrong consciousness to people who have nothing to hold on, you create autonomy, hyper quasi expressivity, using some abstract expressionist’s and Koons names…..one eye king between all blind. I haven’t seen and hear biggest nonsense.

  • pank

    P.S. Why the roman images on the cover?