Janelle Monae + Kellindo Parker on guitar

What happens when Janelle Monáe‘s future funk and Miguel‘s modern R&B get stuck in elevator? –or if you prefer a different metaphor, when Monáe’s chocolate lands in Mr. Unlimited’s peanut butter? What happens is, chronologically-based descriptors fall away and timeless shit unfolds. If this collabo joint–appropriately titled “PrimeTime”–is anything it is a sensual slow-jam for the ages. And as a side-note, Kellindo Parker or whoever the funk is playing guitar on here is gonna be covered in bras & panties by the time the solo is done if they can do that shit live. Listen below. It’s Prime time. PS. This is off Janelle’s forthcoming LP The Electric Lady, which drops September 10th >>>pre-order here (via iTunes).


  • T. West

    Hahahahah!!! This review is hilarious….and right on point! E’erything in the song summed up with “covered in bras & panties” 😉 Feeling this record!

  • jemmajones

    yes!!! this song is an instant classic!