In No Ranking Order: The Most Slept-On Albums of 2016

We’ve waxed thoroughly on the year’s best albums, but if anything was proven by our reader’s poll, it’s that no list can truly capture the full brunt of 2016’s musical output. It’s been tough keeping up. A fantastic problem to have, really. Well, more for you than us. But now that the tide has settled a bit and we’ve all had a moment to brush up on what a magical year in music it’s been, there’s still that bundle of choice projects that got lost in the sauce.

And so, it’s time to give those records a little shine. From Frank Ocean‘s wistful warm-up to Jon Bap‘s funky free jazz storm to a blazing sophomore album from Jessy Lanza, the year was ripe with rich debuts and long-awaited awakenings. Archy Marshall‘s cold trap tremors and clipping‘s interplanetary hip-hop opus stretched the genre in opposing directions proving just how malleable it can be. And that’s just the shortlist. Below you’ll find some of the year’s most overlooked projects from heavyweights and newcomers alike. We implore you to get acquainted if you haven’t already. — Zo




    Black milk & nat turner “the rebellion sessions,” is a raw album too.

  • Nate McChillin

    Like-Songs Made While High
    Reks-The Greatest X