In No Ranking Order: The 16 Best Albums of 2016

Now that you’ve caught up on the sounds and sights that rattled our senses in 2016 (and maybe even picked up a few overlooked joints,) the big reveal is upon us; the one you’ve all been asking about, the one that’s had this writer up well past reasonable hours for weeks on end. Not mad, though. It’s an important question. One we can’t help begrudgingly asking ourselves annually, as if it somehow actually adds an intrinsic value to the experience in the moment of consumption or even in hindsight. But we’re all adults here. We all know these conversations go nowhere even in the tightest, most link-minded cyphers. Dancing around it considerably here, but you all know the final list of the year is devoted to the no-longer-holy album. And seeing as how you’ve already let us know what was getting the heaviest rotations in your earholes, it’s time for us to let you know where we stand on the matter. After weeks of heart-crushing deliberation, tears and sleepless nights, we present to you: the best of albums of 2016. In no ranking order, of course (again: silly premise.) No more dancing. Not in a figurative way, at least. See y’all on the better side of New Year’s Eve. — Zo



  • Blakbyrd

    No love for common?

  • Nate McChillin

    Danny brown voice is IRRITATING.Sound like Steve Urkel.YG and Kamaiyah lack creativity and originality of their west coast predecessors.

    RTJ3 miss the date cut off?Their song 2100 embodies the frustration of the 2016 election campaign.