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LargeUp Exclusive: The Ghetto Brother's Vintage Puerto Rican Rock

Ghetto Brothers jean vest (back)

At around the same time that Afrika Bambaataa and his Black Spades gang started putting their efforts towards community activism and music, the leaders of a nearby Puerto Rican street gang, the Ghetto Brothers, began to follow suit. Inspired by the music of The Beatles, doo-wop, and an emerging Latin rock sound, the Ghetto Brothers recorded their only album Power Fuerza in 1972. The record had little influence at the time but has since become a long sought-after collectors item. This week, the rare record has been reissued as a collectors edition on LP, CD, MP3, and WAV by Brooklyn record label Truth and Soul. Along with the music comes an 80-page chronicle full of liner notes and interviews, as well as rare photographs and sketches created by Ghetto Brothers’ front man Benjy Melendez.-Jesse Serwer

Check some of the photographs below and jump to LargeUp for DJ Akalepse’s Power Fuerza album sampler to get an idea of what the Ghetto Brothers were all about.

>>>Stream Power Fuerza Mix (via LargeUp)


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