Audio: The Game x Common x Kanye West - "Jesus Piece" - Okayplayer

Audio: The Game x Common x Kanye West - "Jesus Piece"

The Game featuring Common and Kanye West "Jesus Piece" (cover art)

Well now we know what happened to all those  Common verses that Kanye West had laying around the G.O.O.D. music offices, the conspicuous absence of which Big Ghost bemoaned (<–swidt?) in his review of Cruel Summer. Kanye obviously invited The Game into the GM headquarters at the crucial moment, and you boy yanked them for the title track off his own shit. “Jesus Piece” brings some of the best qualities of three characters and is actually one of the most bumpable things Game has done, in my opinion, though even at his most listenable over Ye’s dramatic beat, he sticks to the formula of writing himself into hip-hop history by weaving his flow out of endless name-checking of other rappers. Common’s verse however is worth transcribing (see below, please forgive any errors, this ain’t rap genius) a metaphysical toast somewhere between “Jesus Walks” and Love Jones. Hit play on the soundcloud at bottom (via FACT) and pre-order Jesus Piece (the album) on iTunes.

Pieces on gold leashes / Cruisin’ around Greeces make it cohesive / I’m the sun shining with God features / Draw closer to a trueblood bleeder / soul of a southern preacher / Went to dinner with bottom-feeders to world leaders / We throw the peace up, knowin’ that the world need us / Eagerness to live life and see the bright lights / The sacrifices we made is sorta Christ-like / At the after-party thinking what the afterlife’s like / He paid for my sins, is it really priced right? / F**k it, I see the light / Gods, they see the light / Can’t deny  my Jesus-piece, that’s so Peter-like / Chicks crow for dough / get low for mo’ / a convo usually end up at the condo / Another Jane Doe or a golden angel? / ‘pending on her angle, watch the chain glow.

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