Erykah Badu, Common & Hiatus Kaiyote Live In Detroit Photos

Erykah Badu, Common + Hiatus Kaiyote Live in Detroit [Photo + Recap]

There are some shows you know will be legendary just by reading the bill: Erykah Badu, Common (filling in for an unwell D’Angelo) and cosmic newcomers Hiatus Kaiyote rocking Detroit’s Chene Park Amphitheatre is one of those bills. If you weren’t there to experience “Didnt’cha Know” or “Nakamarra” as the sun set over the Detroit River and boats stopped to listen to the otherworldy sounds echoing all the way to Canada you can still almost see it the vibes in the photos from our dude Craig Gorkiewicz, who was on hand to record the whole thing for posterity. As it happens, Hiatus Kaiyote came to New York next, where we got to hang with them at a magic shop (of sorts) with the witches of Bushwick yesterday, so we got a firsthand account of the show as it was experienced onstage as well. Lead singer Nai Palm had this to say:

“It was mostly amazing for us because Dilla‘s from there and he’s a big influence on our music; I heard later Ma Dukes was on the side of the stage. Sharing the stage with Common and Erykah Badu–I think people were looking at us like who are these guys, who do they think they are? It was a tough crowd. But then Dwele was in the front row and he was just so into it! When you have one person who’s just feeling the vibe, that’s all the energy you need to bounce off of…and when that person is Dwele…(!)”

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