Big Ghost Reviews Earl Sweatshirt -  Doris

Ayo whattup. Welcome back to the powerful rays of light of the one n only Big Ghost aka the illustrious Broccoli Bundles aka the mighty Cocaine Biceps aka Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka the one n only Phantom Raviolis the magnificent aka Volcano Hands aka Thor Molecules aka the glorious n powerful Hands of Zeus nahmean. You definitely once again back in the presence of greatness yo. This the one true n livin g-o-d shit n**gas minds be itchin n scratchin for like some baseheads n shit. Word is bond… Yall do the google searches yo. I do this shit forreal b. You search those reviews for ya favorite albums n whatever whatever…but only the most prominent shit… n you gon see my name up there amongst the Rolling Stones n Time Magazines, b. I aint buy no respect I earned mines namsayin. Ask bout me on twitter. Ask bout me on facebook or instagrams. On all social medias. Im known b. But yo we not here for all that. Yall muthafuckas been waitin on this review for this new Earl joint like hypebeast fake ass sneakerheads be waitin on ugly ass colorways of wack ass foamposites. But yall kno…thats neither here nor there namsayin. I gots yall. Imma hold yall down like the earths gravitational forces nahmean. Lets get this on n poppin tho…scan true this legalese right quick like la la la, boom and lets hit track 1.

The views n what have you in this muthafucka is all my owns…so that aint in no way a reflection of nobody other than myself n whatever else b. No other man or woman or child represented heretofore n such hereby is sharin the opinion of the gentleman who be sayin the shit contained within namsayin. This muthafucka do be containin foul language n shit that might offend small children n old people n shit too. It should be noted by all those who is present today here today before God that yall here on ya own accord n if anybody not cool wit that they should leave now or forever hold they peace…

1. “Pre” (f/ SK La’Flare) – Right out the gate its some 80s sci-fi type shit. I mean it aint personally the types of shit I be listenin to on my spare time n whatever…but I aint hatin neither. I get these Odd Future cats n how its they M.O. to be on some jackass n shit settin they dicks on fire n wildin in they videos n makin songs bout some shit that n**gas over 25 cant relate to but it don’t mean em n**gas dont got no talent. This muthafucka Earl can rap yo. Son is nice wit his pen even tho most his bars jus be some shit wit zero substance. But its 2013 b… If n**gas want substance they order a soy milk frappe n listen to Lupe albums while they flip thru Bed Bath& Beyond catalogs wit they reading glasses sittin at the tips of they noses n shit like that. N**gas like that be guffawin n shit. N**gas dont eem be laughin like regular n**gas they jus guffaw n chuckle nahmean. You ever hear Lupe laugh, that n**ga laugh like a 70 yr old white man do. Son be chucklin. But thats neither here nor there… This SK La’Flare n**ga he wild trash b. Earl did his thing tho. But the shit really jus words n words… son aint sayin much. But little n**gas is gon flip they wigs to these kinda bars regardless yo.

Big Ghost Reviews Earl Sweatshirt -  Doris (Vince Staples)

2. “Burgundy” (f/ Vince Staples) – “N**gas wanna hear you rap…dont nobody care about how you feel. We want raps, n**ga.” This how Vince Staples starts the joint before Earl quickly speaks on how his grandma jus passed n then spends the rest of the track spittin bout nothin. If you took the “Headlines” record by Drake n masculinized that beat up a lil bit n chopped it in pieces n slowed it down n let a dysfunctional teen n**ga vent bout shit on it this is basically what you would get. Shit dont sound like no regular Neptunes joint at all b. Meanwhile Skateboard P jus gon continue to slide Hov shit like BBC wit the played out percussion sounds like it was leftover from a 2002 session wit Britney n whatever whatever n aint nobody askin that n**ga why.

Big Ghost Reviews Earl Sweatshirt -  Doris (f/ Domo Genesis)

3. “20 Wave Caps” (f/ Domo Genesis) – I never seen this dude rockin a wave cap but apparently he got like 20 of ’em… He jus ballin like that I guess yo. This beat sound like a broken merry go round b. Domo kinda went in on this shit but Earl fell all the way back n went wit the Parrish Smith slow flow… But he keepin it potent anyways. This album wild short so far tho… We 3 tracks in n this shit done only clocked in at like 7 mins b. Thats like half a track on the last Justin album b…(Thats Timberlake not Bieber you hoe ass muthafucka).



  • TäSH

    Truth. Thanks, Big Ghost!


    idk what you guys are talking about… some of the beats in OF really just be wack. Earl Sweatshirt can rap without a doubt, but some of this production on this joint is just awful…

    • money

      majority of odd future production is wack. They be on some hipster shit. Earl can rap I give him that.

  • Wheelchair Jimmy

    Yeezus review: Liked 3 tracks and went on tangents about how overboard Kanye was going with the whole “art” thing. Zeus Slaps- 3.5

    Doris review: Cool with all but like 3 songs and loved 2. Zeus Slaps- 3.5

    Does being a fatherless 90’s baby automatically drop you half a slap?

    • Trey Arline

      Haha right? Both are different in their own merits and from what I reading, it sounded like a straight up 4 slaps, maybe a 4.5. But nooooo, apparently this is how the Phantom Raviolis world works apparently. Still a pretty funny review though.

    • dun

      sounded more like he was cool with 2 or 3 songs and the rest he wont be listening to again. They can rap but they do jackshit with it is basically the message I got from the review.

  • Michael Di Gennaro

    The HOF review is gonna be so funny, and I liked it.

    • yaboyabe

      LOL He’s gonna hate MILF, that song was painful.

    • Michael Di Gennaro

      I agree. The Mona Lisa-Freaky-MILF arstring of songs were the three word songs on the album. If they all sounded like 10 2 10 and Toyota Music it would be amazing.


    earl made unle al? thats the best song on the album

  • Marinater

    one of the rare reviews that takes Doris for what it is, an above-average album. not game-changing and should’nt even be compared to any classics

    Earl can rap,yeah but i don’t get the hype about him at all.

  • Just Blaze!

    why is his shit always on okplayer now? not even a link to this review on his blog

    • Rico

      nahmsayin? I be catching these reviews late as hell now, but I guess b got to get his check from okayplayer so I ain’t even hating but a blog post wouldn’t hurt.

  • Trey Arline

    “Drake makes songs for niggas wit white iPhones to reminisce over they exes to. J Cole makes songs for niggas wit white phones who dont wanna admit they like Drake to stalk they exes to. Wiz Khalifa-Rose makes songs for niggas who act like they the only ones to ever experience the effects of smokin weed to act like lames who never experienced the effects of smokin weed to. Tyga makes the wackest shit on earth for people who like the feelin of lettin they ears gargle the juice from the bottom of the garbage bags at fast food spots.”

    My face hurt from laughing at all that; it was so dead on accurate, despite me liking Cole and Drake. Thank you for that, Ghost.

    • How’s that white iPhone treating u??

    • Trey Arline

      I said I like their music, not dickride them until the wheels falls off like others do. You don’t have to love EVERYTHING an artist does.

    • money



      Sooo… “The ultimate and omniscient BIG TINY GHOST must be the nigga that has a rainbow iPhone, who acts like he’s the only nigga who’s made his glass Mandingo Double Donga into a pipe to smoke crack, but wont admit he really just wants one fist deep so he can reminisce over those romantic evenings with his Exes when they would dress up like Richard Simmons and Liberace, and listen to their fave Gucci Mane albums.”

      BIG GHOST is, without question, the most opinionated, lop-sided, and irritating person to ever (by some insanity or mistake) be allowed to review music. He’s a one-trick donkey who’s approach is to treat the subject as a crude joke. This allows him to amuse himself and other simple-minded. In all reality he is the joke that parades as a professional but provides the reader with no true insight about the music. The punch-line is there are actually people that agree with his reviews.

    • SammyB

      Tyga just make better music, no need to get all uptight.

  • MP

    talk about soiled expectations with this album 🙁

  • Stevenmcballsack

    Come on really? Hive was some of the most lyrical shit you can hear now a days. Get your ass to rap genius and actually understand what earl is spitting (especially his 2nd verse). I can tell a lot of EARL’s shit went over his head, but i do agree all in all the album isn’t amazing.

  • Daveda2nd

    Big Ghost tripping for this score. This Album had way more stronger tracks than Yeezus did and he gave that bullshit 3 and a half slaps.

  • Mr. Welkin

    This was a horrible review. What the fuck happened to objectivity?