Dark Time Sunshine Anx

Dark Time Sunshine, the duo comprised of Grayskul emcee Onry Ozzborn and producer Zavala, are set to drop their new LP, ANX, on July 24th via Fake Four, Inc. But we won’t make you wait ’til Tuesday to find out what they’re on with their latest release. Check below for the OKP premiere of the ANX album stream. The LP has features from OKP regulars like Aesop Rock, Busdriver, and P.O.S. As for the title (which is short for anxiety): “We both suffer from anxiety, and have endured the good and bad that comes from it,” says Onry. “It’s a condition we’d both rather not have, but, in a lot of ways, it’s shaped what we do and how we do it.” “That influence of anxiety – the bi-polar peaks and valleys of happiness and depression, strength and weakness, love and hate – permeates the music throughout ANX” – though an unfortunate condition, sonically it manifests itself  as the perfect blend of hip-hop, jazz, and electro with this new LP. Check the stream below, and pre-order the ANX here.


  • OmahaStylee94

    Hell yeah.

  • Grimey

    Better than I expected… and I expected a lot.

  • Bert

    zavalas beats give me the chills and onrys vocals make me oddly emo feeling.. greatest shit ever

  • Lumbajack

    So glad I pre-ordered the vinyl – I bought the last album too – and that’s saying a lot. So great to hear consistent albums from back to back – not many people doing that these days. This is going to be in rotation for the rest of the year at least. Love it, upon first listen.

  • Aggergateone

    Seriously, Is Zavala from another planet?

  • Honestly never heard of these guys before today, but they’re really dope. I don’t even know how to describe their music, but I like it.

  • osteezy

    I have not quit repeating this since the stream was put up. I am incredibly hyped, mad lovely sounds!

  • This is definitely the best hip-hop record I’ve heard all summer. Can’t wait to get this on Spotify.

  • DTS has outdone themselves this time around. SOLID SOLD SOLD album.. all the way through. No skips, this album goes to the top my list of best of 2012, and we still have a few months left. Onry/Zavala all I have to say is thANX!!! Fake Four Inc. Represent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr_OMF_

    Extremely Good Album!