D'Angelo x Kero One - "Spanish Joint" (Remix)

D'Angelo x Kero One - "Spanish Joint" (Remix)

D'Angelo's "Spanish Joint" Gets An Uptempo Remix That Leaves It Ripe For The Dancefloor From DJ Kero One

D’Angelo‘s “Spanish Joint” gets an uptempo remix from DJ Kero One that preserves the beautiful chords and leaves the Voodoo standout totally ripe for the dancefloor. The remix is dense with hi-hats, synths and plenty of bounce. The real gem of the production emerges around the 2:30 mark, when a break allows Kero One to flex a bit with an off-center chop of vocals and chords that round things out quite nicely. Kero One delivered this track with a nice little note explaining the method and madness behind the infectious rework:

I’ve always been a fan of the track Spanish Joint by D’Angelo but I felt like the original is fairly mellow and couldn’t find a way to fit it or any D’Angelo for that matter, into my DJ sets. So i remixed this acoustic “Spanish Joint” with a more vibey dance feel so I can play out. Added new synths, keys, drums, bass, and sound efx.

Check the track below to listen to “Spanish Joint” (Kero One Remix). Stay tuned for more from D’Angelo?

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