Chris Dave "Cosmic Slop"

Revivalist Premiere: Chris "Daddy" Dave - "Cosmic Slop"


Revolutionary drummer (and Dilla enthusiast) Chris “Daddy” Dave‘s is dropping his Drumhedz Mixtape tomorrow, featuring an array of fantastic musicians like Pino Palladino, Isaiah Sharkey, Tim Stewart and more. While we anxiously wait for the tape’s arrival, the drummer hits us with a rare cover of a 40 second Dilla beat, which will be on the mixtape under the title “Cosmic Slop”. Chris also sat down with Revivalist to share some words and wisdom. Listen to the track and read some of his thoughts on it below, then jump to Revivalist at the bottom for the full exclusive interview.

How did “Cosmic Slop” come together?

We were on tour in Europe and I was playing this old Dilla tape that had that song. What made me like the song and hate the song was that it is really short. It is like half a verse and then the song cuts off — maybe 40 seconds or something. So me and Pino would just play that song over and over anytime before shows or anything. I always just wanted to play it live and I have never heard really anybody play it live. So it was just a fun one to play.

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