Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip follow the release of “Thank You” – the infectious collab track from their forthcoming The Abstract & The Dragon mixtape – with “Butch & Sundance.” The track is a bubbly joint with banging percussion that throws back to vintage video game scores. Both MC’s scorch the track with relentless deliveries that serve as a very timely reminder of how airtight they are on the mic, even after over two decades in the game. The Abstract and The Dragon bring the noise on “Butch & Sundance” and do an exemplary job of leaving you hungry for more as the track trails off. Check the track below to listen to “Butch & Sundance” from Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip. Stay tuned for more from The Abstract & The Dragon mixtape, dropping December 12th.


  • Guest

    Sounds like something that could’ve been on Amplified. Dope

  • tyson dyson

    fuck yeaaaaaaa!

  • Manuel Almaguer

    For us DJs out there… Please release these joints on Wax… Sick as always…. Peace

  • riot

    besides roc and action this will sufice until shit get full circle and i dare you leave out chicago hip hop for real this go we got a bad deal in life period.

    • yall dumb as hell

      he not talkin to them he talkin to the fans….this is a house deep house joint hate to say it but we known for this stuff……yall had harlem shake they had bankhead bounce we been jukin jackin bobbin FOR EVER…its up now they rock one of our favs and its nothing….spit barz and its nothing? ye know thats why his didnt fit ass got on it …this chi shit…..tip snapped true.. but dont act like when hip hop strike back we aint in….. no more drill no more trap or better yet lets work together they do them we do us but dont leave talent out this time…..waddup common? and really waddup no id??????daFUQ?????

  • Sweetboy

    Two Legends killing this track, Siiiiiiiiiiiick beat…. listening through headphones, Bass-Line EVERYWHERE!!!!!….