Kiara Ra.ve x Buscrates - "Gypsy Woman" (Buscrates Electro-Funk Flip)

Buscrates x Kiara Ra.ve - "Gypsy Woman" (Buscrates Electro-Funk Flip)


Buscrates remixes the timeless Crystal Waters house classic “Gypsy Woman” to amazing results with a smoothed out sub-heavy take on the organ-dense original featuring Kiara Ra.ve. “Gypsy Woman” remains a party classic that still has the power to cause small riots on most dance floors – soul claps and tambourines almost guaranteed to materialize whenever this joint drops. Buscrates takes this song out for a spin and manages to improve upon the near-perfect original with a laid-back rework of the dance track featuring warm piano chords, layered vocals, and a reverberating funk bass punctuated by a tremolo synth. The super-smooth and slightly raspy vocal performance from Kiara Ra.ve provides a parallel that seals the deal. Check the results.

Spotted at BLS

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