With his upcoming album A Love Surreal set to hit stores in February 2013, Bilal has been keeping real busy. Before the album drops, he will also be treating us with a new mixtape called The Retrospection in the very near future.  It’s slated to drop December 5th in fact (which also happens to be his birthday) via Bilal’s facebook page. Check the tape’s first single “Too High” below. Sound familiar? It’s a cover of the classic Stevie Wonder hit “Too High” and is every damn bit as funky (if not even a little groovier??). Get too high (but not too, too high) off this loosie and remain copacetic until A Love Surreal and The Retrospection arrive.



  • Jennifer

    Bilal can never do my ears or spirit any wrong!

  • amp

    that’s the madlib track from “stevie,” nice

  • Richard Hobbs

    It was hot, need too find this cd, I’m sure it’s interesting…