Audio: Frank Ocean "White" - Okayplayer

Audio: Frank Ocean "White"

Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator in the studio working on Odd Future Tape, Vol. 2

This two-minute track “White”–Frank Ocean‘s only solo track on the upcoming Odd Future Tape Vol. 2–has just descended on the internets, via frankocean.net. Given the dearth of new music from his side, it’s sure to be gobbled up by Ocean-watchers like piranhas hungry for human flesh. Dope song–wait for the moment where the chords and Ocean’s voice resolve into a very 80s sax-and-percussion dub. OF Tape Vol. 2 drops March 20th and Ocean is represented on two more tracks, but they’re not solos, but collaborations with Hodgy  (“Snow White”) and Tyler The Creator & Syd Tha Kid (“Analog 2”), respectively. Pre-order it on iTunes.

spotted at HHNM

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