Soul brother Coultrain takes a break from working with his Hawthorne Headhunters partner-in-crime Black Spade, in order to jump on a beat by his other running buddy Waajeed. And boy do these two craft a lively piece of Blaxploitation-type funk soul! “She’s a Hustler” has got brass, bass and an ass-shaking guarantee. More please! Read what Jeedo had to say about how it all came together after the jump.

I was approached by Universal UK a few years back about doing an album for TV licensing. They asked me to chop up and recompose library tracks from their archive – sounds like a dream, right?

I wanted to do epic, upbeat tracks that would go well with the cinematic environment they were meant for. Coultrain and I whipped up this track with the legendary Paul Randolph on bass.

props to B47


  • Erin Hinkle

    Yes Sir! STL brings it! I thought ya’ll knew!

  • Shawny

    I want to scream this is so dope…I love every piece of this.