'A Conversation With D'Angelo' To Be Part Of RBMA's NY Festival 2014

Red Bull Music Academy is taking over NYC again this year for their second month long residency in the sleepless city. As part of that month of madness, a public lecture featuring the likes of the one and only savior of this R&B ish D’Angelo will be taking place at the Brooklyn Musuem on May 21st, during which he will be interviewed and divulge some insight into his creative process and share some of the highlights of his career. Hopefully one of those championship moments will be the 15 years-in-the-making follow-up to the astral sophomore release Voodoo. 

And so for the second time in 24 hours, we’re talking about the royal Yoda of the game. Yesterday’s announcement of the rerelease and embellishment of his rare 95′ cut Live At The Jazz Cafe, getting word of a legitimate opportunity to hear the man discuss his process and divulge those tidbits on Voodoo‘s conception might literally be the next best thing to that follow-up actually dropping. And maybe he’ll gush on a potential release date. Hell, what if the album drops next month and we get a chance to hear him talk about THAT?(!) Whatever transpires in these next few months, D’lievers have a lot to look forward to, as it provides him the chance to reconnect with a starving fan-base. You can purchase tickets to A Conversation With D’Angelo via RBMA.


  • Aaron-Spencer C

    I think this will be a fantastic opportunity for D’Angelo to truly unravel publicly and honestly, the journey that has lead to his position as arguably the master musician of the Neo-Soul movement.

    Not only will fans be able to get the exclusive on what is one of the best albums ever made in the genre of soul, but it will be a chance for D’ to reconnect with his fans; although many had been loyal and remained optimistic about his return, I think there were quite a few whom felt discouraged by the series of events that led to his lengthy hiatus.

    But I’m happy he is continuing to create and connect leading up to the (hopefully 2014) release of his new LP! Excited!

  • TD

    Anyone has a spare ticket. I am a huge fan of D, but it all sold out.