Hear OG Ron C & The Chopstars' Very Purple Version of Jay-Z's '4:44'

Hear OG Ron C & The Chopstars' Very Purple Version of Jay-Z's '4:44'

by zo
8 months ago

Hear OG Ron C & The Chopstars' Purple Version of Jay-Z's '4:44'

Source: Twitter

Jay-Z’s new album gets the chopped-never-slopped treatment

OG Ron C and his venerable Chopstars have been always been quick to draw with the slurred styrofoam cup specials. It seems we can count on the Houston collective to flip just about any major release in record time, creating cut-time masterpieces out of blockbuster albums from perennial powerhouses.

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And less than a week after the release of Jay-Z‘s thirteenth studio album, 4:44 is already purple as can be. Today, OG Ron C & The Chopstars have turned in their chopped-and-screwed take on the album that’s already conquered the ether. All 10 tracks have been fitted with all the southern-fried fixings for your 4th of July BBQ dial.

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Hear OG Ron C and The Chopstars’ purple-crushed version of Jay-Z’s 4:44 down below, no TIDAL membership needed (though it appears even that exclusivity has been lifted.) Hit the link to revisit the original on Hov’s proprietary streaming service.


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