'That's How People Like You Get Shot': White Georgia Teacher Threatens Black Student

'That's How People Like You Get Shot': White Georgia Teacher Threatens Black Student

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Posted by April Carr on Monday, November 6, 2017

A white Georgia teacher has been placed on administrative leave after allegedly threatening a black student late last month.

A Rockdale Career Academy teacher in Conyers, Georgia, was caught on video threatening “to put a bullet” in the student’s head, when the 11th grader and some other classmates were laughing while the teacher was writing an equation on the board.

“You screw with me you’re gonna be in big a** trouble, OK,” teacher Paul Hagan tells the student. “Don’t smile at me, man, OK? That’s how people like you get shot.”

“I got a bet. I bet by the time you’re 21 somebody’s gonna put a bullet right in your head. OK,” Hagan continues. “And it might be me the one that does it.”

April Carr, the mother of the student threatened, called the teacher’s comments “outright racist.”

“He’s in a classroom of a majority African-American students, so for you to say ‘you people,’ it’s an outright racist statement — no covering it up,” Carr said in an interview with WSB-TV in Atlanta.

Since then, Hagan has been placed on administrative leave.

“We were made aware of the video Thursday afternoon and immediately launched an investigation into this personnel matter, which is ongoing at this time,” a Rockdale County Public Schools spokeswoman told the Rockdale Newton Citizen on Monday.

Source: wsbtv.com

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