Watch 'South Park' Put a Country Tinge to Kendrick Lamar's "HUMBLE."

Watch 'South Park' Put a Country Tinge to Kendrick Lamar's "HUMBLE."

“My left hook just went viraaaaaal”

Last night, South Park returned for its 21st season with commentary on the rise of white nationalism, cultural appropriation, gentrification and human automation.

HEAR: A Chopped (Never Slopped) Version of Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN.

Tucked into the season premiere was another addition to a long line of cherished musical moments. This time, they take on Kendrick Lamar and his DAMN. smash, “HUMBLE,” in which one of the town’s residents, Jim Bob, takes on a job (’cause “they” took them all) as an Amazon Echo. When asked to play a song, he puts a country tinge to K Dot’s chart-topper, to which Cartman delivers deafening disapproval.

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You can watch South Park‘s parody of the Kendrick Lamar song above. Tune into Comedy Central next Wednesday at 10pm for another episode.

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