Jon Stewart Drops By 'The Late Show' to Torch Trump's Hurricane Response

"How is this not the storm?"

Over the weekend, our president put yet another sector of entertainment under his Vienna sausage thumbs, calling out late-night hosts for being an "unfunny" sort and not offering him his due "equal time" along with other Republicans that are becoming increasingly distant of our uncooked cream-puff of a president.

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Ask and you shall receive, Mr. President. Last night on The Late Show with Stephen ColbertJon Stewart reunited with his former Comedy Central co-star to humbly and hilariously oblige. Sharing the mic stand, Colbert tasked Stewart with being the "good cop," the one that signals a silver lining in the perpetually lingering doom that is this regime, which quickly becomes a predictably burdensome request. Particularly in the case of the president's unconscionable "calm before the storm" phrasing during a photo-op with his cabinet, who are all scrambling to prevent a real-life WWIII scenario at the behest of a giant baby with a phone. Also, the entitlement to "equal time" in media as a politician only applies during the presidential election, which is why dude got petted by Fallon and was offered a chance to host Saturday Night Live. "Equal time" and white women are basically the only reason this man's in office in the fucking first place.

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In any case, watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert deliver precisely what Trump asked for on The Late Show above.