Vic Mensa Criticizes Barack Obama For Not Doing More About Chicago Violence

Vic Mensa Criticizes Barack Obama For Not Doing More About Chicago Violence

Chance, Vic Mensa Put On A Show At Common's AAHH! Fest In Chicago

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Vic Mensa made the remarks during an interview with Larry King.

Mensa, who recently-released his debut album The Autobiography, made an appearance on Larry King Now, where the two discussed a number of topics, with the most notable being on if Mensa believed former president Barack Obama was able to represent the black people of his hometown, Chicago.

Here’s Mensa’s response:

I don’t really believe so. I lived—I live—five, six blocks away from Barack Obama’s home. So I watched my neighborhood not improve, and my city not improve, and my community not improve [and] maybe get worse in the time Obama was in office. And I recognize that he’s the president of the United States but I don’t think Obama’s agenda was very often, you know, to represent the people and do well by the people. I feel like oftentimes he was very careful with what he said regarding race.

The two also spoke about Donald Trump and what Mensa thought of him since being in office, to which he said: “[Trump] is not my candidate, nobody is really representing me or my people.”

WATCH: Vic Mensa’s Inspirational “Rage” Music Video

Mensa released The Autobiography in late July. The album features the track “Rage,” which the Chicago rapper released a music video for. The five-minute video finds Mensa aboard a plane that gets struck by lightning and crashes into the ocean. He briefly gives up his struggle to survive as he begins to descend deeper into the water, only to swim to shore and survive everything he has just endured.

“Right before I decided that [album] title, I played some music for my mom and my sister. I was talking real candidly about some situations that were risky. There were names in it and they were telling me, ‘You shouldn’t say all that. You shouldn’t tell these people all that about your life,” Mensa said in an interview with Billboard. “You should take her name out it. You talked about him, and what happened to them. And I [said], ‘I have to.’”

Watch the interview between Mensa and King below.

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