Artist Holly Miranda x Label Reza NYC, photographed by Reza NYC
Artist Holly Miranda x Label Reza NYC, photographed by Reza NYC

Fashion Friday: Holly Miranda x Reza NYC

We've been pretty much dedicated to featuring menswear these past few weeks, but as previously noted, we believe in the impact of balancing femininity and masculinity. We took our own challenge and decided to see a woman rocking a streetwear menswear brand. It was a great opportunity to see two incredible creatives collaborating on this playful editorial; a vibrant and real portrait of  singer/ songwriter Holly Miranda wearing pieces from label Reza NYC.

Originally from Detroit, at 16 years old, Holly Miranda moved to New York City and ended up doing her first gig at the infamous Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village. Since that, she's been recording a couple of albums solo amongst other projects. She collaborated on vocals and songwriting with Theophilus London, Nada Surf, Mmoths, Cicada, Steel Train, Scarlett Johansson and more. Her two new singles are "Everlasting" and "Desert Call" (featuring backing vocals by Kelis).

As to Reza NYC, this brand is a pure refreshment in the streetwear scene. Ali Force, the man behind the label does not leave anything to chance. Smart man, fashion feng-shui focused--and he knows how to mix and match modern tailoring and African prints. Inspired by Photographer Seydou Keita and cholo style, his pieces are unique and they stand for themselves. You don't even need to do much to look cute.

Photographer Taylor Ballantyne knows how to capture the sparkle in the eyes; the beauty in each individual she rubbed shoulders with in the fashion and music industry. A true talent, Ballantyne has the ability to seduce with the camera to get the best from the model. In this case, it wasn't difficult as Holly Miranda is a natural beauty; born like this. We caught her on her East coast tour at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. A must-see complete artist, the sound of her music and voice becomes essential. She'll take you on a journey with an explosive alchemy due to a real charisma, an undeniable seductive power and musicality. With Ballantyne's eye and Holly's sparkle, this editorial shoot following her around the East Village, New York City was an obvious win. The photographs looks great and authentic with a raw sense of fashion. If you want to talk about it, tweet #fashionfriday