LeBron James Opens School in Akron Ohio
LeBron James Opens School in Akron Ohio

LeBron James Just Opened the Coolest Looking Public School in America

LeBron James is doing the work on and off the court

On Monday, July 30th, LeBron James opened up I Promise, a public school he co-founded in Akron, Ohio, the town where LeBron was born.

It's a move that will solidify the idea that LeBron's greatest contributions to society will be off the court.

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The school was birthed as a collaboration between the LeBron James Family Foundation and the Akron Public Schools. The school will cater to third and fourth graders who are almost exclusively at-risk. The school will open with 240 students, 120 third graders and 120 fourth-graders. I Promise will continue to add grades until 2022, when the school will serve first to eighth graders.

Making things cooler is the fact that students have been promised full tuition to the University of Akron upon completion.

Over the weekend LeBron James tweeted about the school. LeBron called opening the school one of the "greatest moments" of his life:

The Uninterrupted also released an interview with James, where the future Hall-of-Famer talked more about opening the school:

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On Monday, images of the school hit the Internet. The school looks gorgeous

I Promisealso includes more than 100 pairs of game-worn sneakers from LeBron James all throughout the walls.

Source: SI