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Kobe Byant to Host a Basketball Show Breaking Down Game Footage on ESPN

Kobe Byant to Host a Basketball Show Breaking Down Game Footage on ESPN

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Kobe Bryant is keeping himself busy.

Kobe Bryant is coming out of retirement. But he won’t be touching a basketball court.

The legendary Los Angeles Laker will be hosting his own basketball show on ESPN. The show will be called Detail, and it will be written and produced by Bryant himself. The show is a partnership with the ESPN and Kobe’s Granity Studios.

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On Friday, Kobe sent out a tweet about the show.

The show premise seems to be simple: Kobe will be breaking down game footage. Speaking to ESPN, Kobe said:

“Studying game film is how the best get better. It’s the university for a master’s degree in basketball…I learned how to study film from the best coaches of all time – Phil Jackson and Tex Winter. Detail provides an opportunity to teach that skill to the next generation on large platform with ESPN.”

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Detail will have a 15 episode run that will end near the end of the 2017-18 NBA season and which will conclude with the end of the NBA Finals.

Source: ESPN



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